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  1. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Post Fun Facts About Yourself

    I have a bolt tattoo 🐶🐾
  2. Bolt TheSuperDog

    TV & Film Favorite movie?

    Cool! I’m Bolt! From Bolt! 💙🐶
  3. Bolt TheSuperDog

    TV & Film  Favorite movie?

    What’s anyone’s favorite movie? Anyone role play there movie character? 🍿🍿
  4. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other  Bolt Tattoo

    Got a tattoo of me!
  5. Bolt TheSuperDog

    TV & Film  Anyone like my movie?

    Does anyone still like my movie? Or what do people think about it 🐾🐶
  6. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Worst experiences you've had on RPN?

    Someone said they wanted to see “my chew toy” 🤢
  7. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Real Mr. Carrot!

  8. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Real Mr. Carrot!

    *Pokes you gently and smiles at you*
  9. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Real Mr. Carrot!

    Hooray!! You’ve never seen my Bolt movie? 🐾💙
  10. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Real Mr. Carrot!

    I am Bolt! From Disney’s Bolt! I’m looking for friends 🐾🐶💙
  11. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Real Mr. Carrot!

    And it’s not for my pets it’s for me! *Hugs you* Hi frog! 💙🐶
  12. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other  Real Mr. Carrot!

    Ordered myself a real Mr. Carrot!
  13. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Activity

    Still like to role play? 🐾🍪🐾🐶
  14. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Activity

    *Pokes your nose with my paw* That’s up to the person who role plays with me. There choice of where it takes place 🐾
  15. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Activity

    Bolt Is very real to me not just animated. Just have to wait and see what happens 🍪
  16. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Activity

    I role play bolt anywhere cause that’s who I see myself as in real life. And I role play as Bolt regardless if it’s disney or not 🐾
  17. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Activity

    I joined here yesterday and made some posts so now I’m just waiting
  18. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other Activity

    I’ve started one cause someone found me. And I see myself as Bolt in real life not just role play 🐶🍪
  19. Bolt TheSuperDog

    Other  Activity

    Are there active people on here? One person found me and that’s it. Nobody’s replied to my posts. What am I doing wrong???