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  1. Ironrot

    Alistair Roux

    Alistair Roux Guardian of Lightwood   63 | Fairy of Lightwood Personality and Bio When Alistair was a younger man he was a caring husband to a loving wife. As renowned as any guardian of Lightwood Alistar was a good friend to the royal family and a frequent guest in...
  2. Ironrot

    Martin Lock

    Name: Martin Lock Age: 37. See backstory. Gender: Male Alignment: Lawful Evil, mostly. Height: 1.77m Weight: 74kg Appearance: Personality:  Powers: Point manipulation - Martin can create point forces. ie. An area attracting or repelling mass from a point in space...
  3. Ironrot

    The Witch | Walt Ludwig

    Name: Walt 'The Witch' Ludwig Age: 22 Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Appearance:   Personality:   Walt is has a nurturing nature which is the result of becoming a father at a relatively young age, but he also believes that sometimes you need a little tough love. He is...
  4. Ironrot

    Citrine Vaunt

    Name: Citrine Vaunt    Name relation to color: Citrine is an orange gemstone Team: C.H.R.M. Appearance: <Image pending> Species: Faunus, Raven. Primary indication is feathers growing in her hair. Romance? Fluid Weapon: Finger Paints and Dancing Shoes <Image pending> A pair of leather...
  5. Ironrot

    Cobre Vaunt

    Work in Progress Name: Cobre Vaunt Name relation to color: Cobre is copper in Spanish and Portuguese. Its pronounciation is likely Co-brey, but I'm going to say its pronounced more like Co-bur. Team: Chrome Appearance: WIP  Species: Faunus, Raven Weapon: Chatta - Shield and Axe / Machine...
  6. Ironrot

    R77H-0F4J | Bohvan, Paul

    Starship Identification Code: R77H-0F4J Starship: Juliet. Five-man engine test craft equipped (until recently) with an experimental warp engine. Additionally carries several small experiments and advanced observational equipment intended for observing the natural universe more than other...