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  1. apricitatas

    Fandom  Mass Effect?

    So I'm pretty late to the party. I just finished the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time and I'm thinking an rp may be fun to try out! I'm not incredibly familiar with all the characters but I'm about to play through again and get to know everyone I didn't get too familiar with the first...
  2. apricitatas

    Fandom  Farcr 5!

    This is going to be a really simple and ugly layout, sorry! With the new ubisoft news my Far cry 5 fire has been rekindled (not that it ever died) and I'm really hoping to find a couple more partners to add to the few farcry rps I've got going on 🙏 A little about me! I'm Jaime/Ja'am/Stooge, I'm...
  3. apricitatas

    Fandom  RDR2 Canon Characters (and other game fandoms)

    I'd like to start by saying I'm bad at fancy layouts, so I'm very sorry about that. I'm going to keep this short and simple! About me! You can call me Jaime/Ja'am/Stooge, wherever you prefer. I'm 25 and go by she/her pronouns (but anything is fine really). I'm chronically Ill and therefore...
  4. apricitatas

    Fandom  Somewhat Obscure fandom RPs anyone?

    Hi! I'm searching for someone who may be interested in writing something for one of my more obscure fandoms with me! My rules are simple: please be 18+, Im old and not really comfortable communicating writing with minors. 3rd person only. No one liners. If you feel like writing simply a...