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  1. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help other forums/places to find partners?

    surprised they haven't deleted this thread yet lmao but it's my bad
  2. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help  other forums/places to find partners?

    does anyone know of any other online forums or places i can find partners in addition to RPN? i am also on Inner Sanctum and tumblr. i love all of these places, but i think each one has something different to offer. any suggestions? i would like for these places to be “safe,” meaning that...
  3. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help  tips for setting up a group rp?

    yes, it’s me again.... here and tumblr have been the home of group rps with elaborate universes and full-fledged HQ pages. I’m thinking of setting up my own, but am not sure where to start. what sort of things do I need to have set up or think about prior to opening it up? any general tips?
  4. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help quest/dice?

    i kinda figured that’s what the quest thing was! so cool!
  5. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help  quest/dice?

    i’ve been roleplaying for a few years on platforms like tumblr and kik, and only just joined rpn back in july. I’m curious as to what quest/dice role plays are and if they might interest me - can someone give me an explanation of what they are?
  6. cxrlyxo

    Other  what is ONE thing you crave?

    name one (and only one) thing you love to include/have in RPs.
  7. cxrlyxo

    Other music fandoms?

    that sounds cool!
  8. cxrlyxo

    Other music fandoms?

    perhaps..... 😏
  9. cxrlyxo

    Other music fandoms?

    yes! i had also watched the film and kinda liked it...
  10. cxrlyxo

    Other music fandoms?

    i used to listen/stan melanie a few years ago but stopped after some allegations came out. i recently found out the person that made them was lying and haven't fully supported her again (and probably won't) but am enjoying her new album.
  11. cxrlyxo

    Other  music fandoms?

    is there anyone on here that RPs/is in fandom(s) bands/artists? if so, which ones?
  12. cxrlyxo

    Viewpoint What did you do if your rp partner(s) ghosting on you?

    this isn't really someone purposely ghosting, but i did lose contact with an RP partner i LOVED. back in like august of 2018 i started rping with a girl on kik. had an amazing plot (i still have screenshots that i go back and read), were able to get a few replies back and forth, and then it was...
  13. cxrlyxo

    Experiences losing your messages (compliment for the site creators inside!)

    ugh both of those situations sound awful!
  14. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help how to make a good ad/interest check post?

    yes! please do that! edit: also maybe make a place for people to submit site suggestions/things that would make life on here a little easier!
  15. cxrlyxo

    Experiences losing your messages (compliment for the site creators inside!)

    i first heard about it when my friends would always talk about hetalia & twilight fanfiction, LMAO, so that's really what i knew it as first.
  16. cxrlyxo

    Experiences losing your messages (compliment for the site creators inside!)

    oh man! i've heard of people rping on quotev, but have never tried it. is it pretty dead now?
  17. cxrlyxo

    Experiences  losing your messages (compliment for the site creators inside!)

    ah, yes.... one of the most (if not the most) dreaded things in the world of RP.... losing your messages or work. i've had to experience this.. way too much. the majority of my roleplaying over the last few years has happened on Kik, and that app is fuckin' notorius for saving just about...
  18. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help character sheet advice?

    thank you! i'm one of those people that would much rather develop a character during the RP than give every single thing about them right off the bat.
  19. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help character sheet advice?

    i know that a lot of people want a lot of info on those character sheets and i don't know why but i just like... can't. maybe i just lack inspiration or motivation right now?
  20. cxrlyxo

    Advice/Help character sheet advice?

    yes it does, thank you!