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  1. Krill

    Futuristic  In the Swamps of Venus! [Pulp Adventure] [Sci-Fi] [ Retro]

    Disaster among the stars! The first explorers of unsullied VENUS have descended below the planet’s impenetrable clouds - and disappeared! Fearing the worst, the fledgling Global Space Alliance has recruited its TWO FINEST AGENTS to embark on an emergency expedition. Their mission: to discover...
  2. Krill

    Multiple Settings  A Summer of Ghost-Hunting [Updated]

    Tags: coming of age, high school, summer, teens, nostalgic, ghost hunting, little adventures, vignettes The days are long, and it still feels like the summer will be, too. Next year is a distant future, last year is already a fading past. We want to live in the now, while we still can. We...