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  1. Tamriel

    Anime & Manga  My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You, Anime and Manga Edition

    Welcome! So, this is a new thing I'm deciding to do because....im bored and it may be fun. Truth is, I don't think this is gonna become anything, but who knows, it might. Okay, so this is how it goes: Pm me the name of the anime, or manga, you want me to talk about. After that, I'll post my...
  2. Tamriel

    Fandom  Final Fantasy Type-0

    Hello my Darlings! I've been itching to do a FF type 0 rp for awhile! Now, im able to write 1-3 paragraphs, but that all depends on what you give me! I refuse to write anything about rape! If you're interested, pm me! And also pm if you have any questions! Now for the fun part, ships! I'll put...
  3. Tamriel

    Fandom  My Hall of Fandoms in all its glory!

    Good evening my darlings! Or good morning! Welcome to my hall of fandoms! Now, to get into what I'm capable of. I'm able to write 1-3 paragraphs, but that all depends on what you give me. I'm able to double on characters and I'd like it if you were too, but it's not necessary. I'm able to write...
  4. Tamriel

    Fandom  The Last of Us type rp

    Alright! I've been playing The Last of Us and I've really gotten into it. I've been wanting to rp it. I'm able to do 1-3 paragraphs, but I can do more if you give me enough to go on. I don't want to use any Canon characters, I want to make a new cast of characters, but in the same world. I...
  5. Tamriel

    Fandom  Fandom search

    I'm back, are you happy? I doubt it. I've made multiple interest threads that didn't really get much people. I'm not one for popular fandoms. I'm just gonna get straight to the point, fandoms! Please read until the end! First! More information on me! I can do 1-3 paragraphs, but that all...
  6. Tamriel

    TV & Film  Binge watching a guilty pleasure!

    I've been binge watching.........I'm afraid to say. I've already watched it a long time ago, but I miss it. I've been watching..........Glee! There, I've said it! Slushy me in the face if you want, but I like it. I'm watching it again for 3 reasons. 1- I miss it. 2-It actually has good songs...
  7. Tamriel

    Fandom  One piece RP

    I don't really have any details. I just wanted to know if anyone had an idea for one. I'm up for either OCs or Canon characters, although I don't have any OCs made, but I can make some. I'm not really smart, so this isn't going to be long. !!!I have two requirement!!! I don't want to focus on...
  8. Tamriel

    Fantasy  1x1 fantasy rp with Minute

    How do you wanna do this, Minute?
  9. Tamriel

    Fandom  Valkyria Chronicles 1 rp

    Heyo! It's Tamriel! How are you doing? I've come here today to find someone that's willing to do a VC1 rp. I've really been itching to do one because I love this game! Probably my favorite game! I fangirl over it. Warning!!! *I don't ship a lot of people, but I do ship some so just ask me. If...
  10. Tamriel

    My OCs!!!

    Hello everyone, it's Tamriel! I was looking for a nice person to help me. I'm planning on making some OCs and I already have a lot in my head. I'm trying to make 2 right now. I need to know what's the most important things to know about my characters. Also! I love fluff things, so just tell me...
  11. Tamriel

    Other  Bad Advice

    Have you ever felt down? Have you ever felt like you don't belong? Have you ever felt like you need advice? Well, you've come to the right place. I'll give you the best advice ever. You better like my advice because if you don't then I'll go to your house and take whatever I want.
  12. Tamriel

    Multiple Settings  Heyo! Im looking for some of that romance! Either MxM or FxF!

    Hi, how's it going? Don't answer that. I've come here to enhance my romance rping ability. Would you like to join? I don't care what your age is as long as you can do romance. I usually do 2 paragraphs, but 3 is a possibility. NO sexual activity! Pairings: ( I'll put something beside it if I'm...
  13. Tamriel

    Video Games  Skyrim help

    Hey, I haven't played Skyrim in awhile and I was thinking about getting back into it. My question is what should I be? I'm usually a wood elf with a bow, but I want to try something new. Any suggestions? Update!!! I'm only on ps4 so no pc mods
  14. Tamriel

    Fantasy  The Aldini Empire Characters

    Image: Optional Name: Age: Gender: Race: human, elf, dwarf etc Kingdom of Origin: Existing one or make one. If you make one, run it by me first. Class: Warrior, Archer, Mage etc if you are a mage, pm me so that we can talk. Weapons/Gear Spells/Attack power: if you're a mage, put your...
  15. Tamriel

    Fantasy  The Aldini Empire Lore

    History No one knows how the world came to be. It's like everyone woke up one day and was alive. There have been countless theories, but we can never be too sure. The biggest theory is that Tamriel made it, a god that a lot of people believe in. Civilization grew fast. Soon there were kingdoms...
  16. Tamriel

    Fantasy  The Aldini Empire (Closed)

    Hello! I've has this idea in mind about a rp. The story starts on the island of Antigua. The "Immortal Man" will be visiting the island to learn about somethings. Plot!!! The Aldini Empire is taking over all other kingdoms. Some have joined them willing. Some have fought against them. Most...
  17. Tamriel

    Fantasy  The Aldini Empire OOC

    Plot!!! The Aldini Empire is trying to take over all of the surrounding kingdoms. Some have joined them while others have been fighting them off. It i's time for a group of new heroes to go out onto the battlefield.....or a group of villians. This is your story and it's time you left your mark...
  18. Tamriel

    Other  My Venting Thread

    I made this so I could vent. No replies needed, but are welcome.
  19. Tamriel

    Advice/Help  Dnd Newbie Alert!!!

    Like the title says, I'm a Newbie at dnd. I haven't played it before. I have however always been interested in it. I have discord and was wondering if anyone could help. Other Newbies also welcome because we can help each other.
  20. Tamriel

    Anime & Manga  What's your favorite anime character design?

    Like the title asks, what's your favorite anime character design. It doesn't matter if you hate the character. It only matters if you like their design or not. It can be multiple characters if you want. Note: please post picture of character I'll go ahead and share one Pain