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  1. Psychie

    Coalition Wars - IC Thread

    We will have our game thread here.
  2. Psychie

    Dice  Coalition Wars - Gear and Mecha

    Personal Equipment and Weapons Thread Dead Boy Body Armor
  3. Psychie

    Dice  Coalition Wars - Character Thread

    Characters will go here. Only straight Rifts Coalition stuff will be allowed. No Dbees or aliens as characters. Any Coalition character class is ok from the list below. Everyone must have at least the basics of being able to operate a SAMAS powered suit. Available Classes: CS Cyborg Strike...
  4. Psychie

    Dice  Coalition Wars - OOC Thread

    We will have our chats here.
  5. Psychie

    Rifts, Coalition Style!

    My last run of a Palladium game lasted several years, but has finally been retired. Now I am looking to build a Rifts game using the Coalition as our heroes, and have the players be the air wing of SAMAS powered armor units on a APC. You will be facing off against demons and monsters, and on...
  6. Psychie

    Abyssals - Dark Future - IC

    Our adventure will start here.
  7. Psychie

    Dice  Abyssals - Dark Future - Characters

    Character Creation tweaks to the rules will be posted here shortly.
  8. Psychie

    Dice  Abyssals - Dark Future - OOC

    Lets bring our chat here.
  9. Psychie

    Dice  Demigods and Titans - Scion OOC Thread

    We shall bring our musings here.
  10. Psychie

    Dice  Demigods and Titans - Scion Character Thread

    All Characters will go here. One change I will be implementing is to lower the cost of buying Boons. Normally, if you want a Boon at a level 3, you must spend six points to get it: One, then two, then three points to buy it. I want you to be able to start with the higher level Boons for less...
  11. Psychie

    Demigods and Titans - Scion IC Thread

    This will be our Story thread
  12. Psychie

    Demigods and Titans - Scion, 1st edition

    I am looking to start up a game of Scion, using the 1st edition rules, which is basically the same as the World of Darkness system. I am looking for a group of 3-5 players. Your characters will know each other prior to game start, and once I get enough interest, I will be posting more details...
  13. Psychie

    Dice  Robotech - The Invid War - Lore

    All equipment and mecha will be posted here.
  14. Psychie

    Dice  Robotech - The Invid War - Characters

    All characters will be posted here. We are using the 2nd edition books for all characters. Attributes will be rolled up with a 4d6 roll, taking the top three dice. If that is a 16-18, you get to add one more d6. If that extra die is a '6', you get to add another 1d6 to your roll for a...
  15. Psychie

    Dice  Robotech - The Invid War - OOC Thread

    We shall take our musings here, along with the die rolls for your Attributes.
  16. Psychie

    Robotech - The Invid War - IC

    This is our IC thread.
  17. Psychie

    Robotech Sentinels game idea!

    Hey everyone! I have been running a Robotech Southern Cross game, and now I am wanting to get a UEEF game using the 2nd edition of Robotech. I am planning on giving everyone some good perks for their characters, and will go into more detail as we get into character creation. This game will...
  18. Psychie

    Dice  Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure - Equipment

    Mecha and Equipment will go here.
  19. Psychie

    Dice  Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure - OOC

    OOC Thread here.
  20. Psychie

    Dice  Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure - Characters

    Character Thread here.