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  1. FearItself

    Futuristic  The Greatest War- Cs page

  2. FearItself

    Futuristic  The greatest war- (A futuristic dragon rp)

    Ancient history Long ago, before mankind's ancestors had ever stepped out of the primordial ooze there was a ancient empire that had existed for over a billion years, the Thu'ma. These Ancient Thu'ma were very similar to humanity but their empire had lived long enough that they found all the...
  3. FearItself

    Realistic or Modern  The Shadow War

    "You humans wonder why no one visits, yall are damned scary. You willingly poison yourselves, spread like wildfire, and have been killing each other since you started to pick up rocks....however all that is why we need you crazy murder monkeys..." Meezeeks. Its 2020 and things have begun to go...
  4. FearItself

    Fantasy  Children of infinity- Main IC

    Xaxxis, Midsummer Fairgrounds. 9:17AM Prince Aegon As the midsummer sun shone down on the throngs of people prince Aegon couldnt help but try and count them. However he hadnt gotten very far into his count when the servants returned with the ceremonial armor for him and his brother. Each suit...
  5. FearItself

    Fantasy  Children of Infinity-OCC

    Keep it civil but feel free to chat it up or ask questions. Ask me for the Discord link and ill send it to you
  6. FearItself

    Fantasy  Children of Infinity- CS

  7. FearItself

    Fantasy  Children of infinity- lore

    World history The world of aria is a realatively large planet roughly 11,980 miles in diameter with no moons. A massive singular ocean spans the world dividing up its 3 large continents. However incredibly dangerous waters with massive creatures and super storms cuts one continent off from the...
  8. FearItself

    Fantasy  Children of Infinity

    "Life is a mysterious thing, even now with all our wisdom, we dont know how or why it first began."Grand wizard Zeddicus. Welcome to the world of Aria. A mystical world on the furthest edge of the universe utterly soaked in magic and other forms of power that leave one wondering how the...
  9. FearItself

    Fantasy  Dragon force 5

    Long ago the universe was a chaotic hellscape ravaged by a war that spanned all of reality. As the conflict ended the surviving cosmic entities claimed chunks of territory that would come to be known as galaxies. Our galaxy was the territory of the Cosmic Dragon Xemnu. This majestic deity...
  10. FearItself

    Fantasy  True power- Rise of the Supers (IC)

    March 4th, 2020 Pacifica, U.S Territory. The massive floating plastic island was clearly bustling with activity as the magistrates last transport plane made contact. From the windows the young heroes and their escorts would see the massive multicolored spires of the fabled clean up project...
  11. FearItself

    Fantasy  True power- Rise of he supers (OCC)

    Keep it civil and message me for the dicord link if you want it. Rp rules. 1. Myself and @darkborn are both GMs and our word carries equal weight 2. No auto hitting or blocking/dodging. Keep thing realistically within the realms of possibility. 3. Heroes cannot kill their targets unless...
  12. FearItself

    Fantasy  True power- Rise of the supers (CS)

    Name: Title: Faction: (hero or villain. If hero Millennium or Magistrate? If villain freelance or Rancor?) Gender: Age: Hometown: Appearance: (Description and/or picture) Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Powers/Skills: Weakness: Backstory: Extra:
  13. FearItself

    Fantasy  True power-Rise of the Supers. (Lore)

    "Humanity has always been relatively good at dealing with change. The rest of the world? Not so much." -Dr. Alpha, Chernobyl Meta Facility, August 1, 1979. It all started in 1915, a year after the world was engulfed in the flames of World War I. Fighting had just started in Europe and the rest...
  14. FearItself

    Fantasy  True Power-Rise of the Supers.

    "Humanity has always been relatively good at dealing with change the rest of the world not so much" Dr. Alpha ,Chernobyl Meta facility, august 1st 1979. It all started in 1915 a year after the world was engulfed in the flames of world war one. Europe had just begun to fight and the rest of the...
  15. FearItself

    Fantasy  Realm of Seraph- Vol.1 Kingdom of Aether.

    The Setting In the Realm of Seraph many creatures magics and Kingdoms exist. However the fate of the realm itself rests upon the shoulders of a human prince and his companions. Hailing from the kingdom of Kaldos Prince Aegon has been tasked with a journey to retrieve an artifact which would...
  16. FearItself

    Fantasy  The Godbane Pirates

    Set in a strange universe where physics itself is permeated in magic and the depths of space are far different than we understand. There are many realms in this universe, each being roughly the suze of a solar system and encased in an indestructible crystal sphere. The stars one sees in the sky...
  17. FearItself

    Realistic or Modern  When the Saints go marching In.

    "You know the rules, kill em all and keep moving, if you die today thats your holiday." Saint commander Dwayne In the year 2020 the earth changed basically overnight. We learned the hard way that we werent alone in the universe. Our warning systems and eyes in the sky counted for nothing as...
  18. FearItself

    Fandom  Dragon ball RL- OCC

    Chat it out my dudes. Keep it civil of you have a question ask.
  19. FearItself

    Fandom  Dragon Ball RL- CS

  20. FearItself

    Fandom  Dragon ball RL-Lore

    Earth has come to a perilous time. A massive dark force has spread across the north and east of the world. China and Russia formed what was called the red ribbon army after a man simply calling himself Gold took control of their respective governments. Pakistan and Iran were shortly bullied into...