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  1. keeble

    Multiple Settings weird lil horror search

    hmu if you’re interested in that first list!
  2. keeble

    Multiple Settings weird lil horror search

    sure! DM me with what ideas you liked!
  3. keeble

    Multiple Settings  weird lil horror search

    hello stranger, i am keeble now we're not strangers what i'm looking for - good grammar and at least a paragraph or two, don't worry i write much better ic - 18+ writers and 18+ characters, preferably mxm but down for other pairings too - someone down to chat ooc, plot and look at cool images...
  4. keeble

    Experiences Things you want to include in RPs but don't know how to

    I’d love to include some liminal/fever dream horror in a roleplay, but because that kind of aesthetic is largely visual, it’d be a creative effort to translate that into text, and especially into a plot with characters. But it’d be neat to write within a dream scape 8)
  5. keeble

    Fandom harry potter/mcu doubling | something aesthetic for the title

    added some mcu deetz 8)
  6. keeble

    TV & Film What TV show(s) do you know that aren't talked about?

    the channel 4 tv show 'humans' ,, nobody seems to have watched it but it's such a cool show. also money heist, i feel like because it's a spanish show people pass over it, it seems popular in spain but alas, i am not in spain.
  7. keeble

    Fandom  harry potter/mcu doubling | something aesthetic for the title

    hello there. - keeble here, 23, stuck in studentdom, just getting back into the writing game after like quite some time. i'll get a code to put on here,, eventually. what i'm looking for: - doubling, any gender mixes you feel like. i put in a lot of effort into both pairs and i hope for the...
  8. keeble

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hola! I'm keeble, 23, living in the pepetual hell of studentdom. I'm new to the site but not to roleplaying (I spend most of my free time as a d&d dm) I'm just having a little look around. Love fandom RPs, down to clown with many genres but mostly trying to work my way back into creativity. I...