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  1. BunnyRivere

    Fandom  {Feel free to judge} But Dream SMP rp?

    Okay so this idea/ want sort of steamed from me and a friend of mine wanting to make OCs for something (we didn't know what though.) And I just showed her dream smp stuff and so she was like- we should make it for dream smp!! Now insert me actually wanting to use said OC in an RP of the Dream...
  2. BunnyRivere

    Fandom Fandom canon x oc role-play! [Always open!]

    Hiya! I'd like to do a Danganronpa V3 one or genshin impact? :>
  3. BunnyRivere

    Fandom hanji's search thread! (fandoms, 1x1 search)

    I'd love to do an Attack on Titan one! If you want :>
  4. BunnyRivere

    Fandom Attack on Titan/ SnK rp (OC X cannon) Search!

    Awesome :> Wanna talk more in DMS?
  5. BunnyRivere

    Fandom  Attack on Titan/ SnK rp (OC X cannon) Search!

    Hello! Feel free to call me Bunny! (Although my Gmail says Kasserole that’s more of a random OC’s nickname because I needed a name for the account lmao.) Or you can call me Liz I’m 19 years old, so I’d prefer the person I roleplay with to be that age, or older. Response time / post length I’m...
  6. BunnyRivere

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! feel free to call me Bunny! I'm here to try and RP tbh. I need a distraction from my boring nonexistent life;;;