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  1. Flecker

    Other  I'll Make You into a God / Goddess

    Hey guys! After binging a lot of God of War gameplays, playing Age of Mythology and reading through countless Wikipedia entries on Greek and Norse mythos. Let's try something fun! Last time I turned people into characters in my story, now I want to make new Gods and Goddesses based on their...
  2. Flecker

    Other  I will write you as a character in my story

    Hi everyone! I wrote some stuff in the past and I've RPed for quite a long time, but my schedule is chaotic so I can't commit to roleplays now. I have a thread here, Transcendence and here. I set up a futuristic world where technology is accelerated because magic was discovered. I don't think...
  3. Flecker

    Futuristic  Transcendence (RP) Lore

    The Abridged History of Humanity - The discovery of magic by the general public in 2030s lead to conflicts, ethical debates, political shifts of major countries around the world and most importantly massive technological leapt to the new age of Omnimatter and Mana. - Conflicts that arose from...
  4. Flecker

    Futuristic  Transcendence (RP) Characters

    1. Name 2. Age 3. Gender 4. Height 5. Weight 6. Image/Avatar/Face claim 7. Powers: 8. Background 9. You can add more to it.
  5. Flecker

    Futuristic  Transcendence (RP) OOC

    You may claim missions once you've posted your character sheets.
  6. Flecker

    Futuristic  Transcendence (RP) (Open)

    RSV Erudite "Launched in the early 2096 the ship is known to be quite an improvement over RSV Dauntless. Equipped with state of the art Olbram cannons and carrying several missiles, each with the explosive yield of over 10 megatons, the ship is indeed truly magnificent. Its body is made out...
  7. Flecker

    Futuristic  Transcendence (RP)

    Hi! So a couple months ago I made a random piece of writing that I've posted here. While it's fun to write things alone, I think it'll be even better if some people are roleplaying with it. I like setting things up, developing the world, think of the new futuristic stuff that might be there and...
  8. Flecker

    Other  Transcendence

    Introduction In 2030 the nations of the world were taken aback by the announcement of a group called the Society of Magic. The announcement was shocking, and many people were unsure of how to treat such news. The Society numbered around 2,000 members and was distributed worldwide with chapters...
  9. Flecker

    Realistic or Modern  North West High School

    Welcome to the town of Neck Point! Rumors say that it's the town where old witch covens would gather and summon demons to torture people in the past, but that's all just a myth! It's a sleepy town with plenty of trees, plenty of bushes and plenty of empty land for kids to play around in. The...
  10. Flecker

    D&D 5e noob, lfg and also a DM and a party

    Hello everyone, so I've posted a thread similar to this one about a year ago, unfortunately most of the people left and while I did learn a couple things about D&D, it was a really quick one and now I want to play some more. So I was hoping with a DM and a couple players to try this again and I...
  11. Flecker

    Fandom  The Will of a Single Man | Harry Potter RP

    THE NEW ERA DAWNS BEGINNING OF THE END When you came to King's Cross, especially when you came at the right time, at the right spot and with the right reason , sometimes you could see people rushing, running and jolting with excitement. Certainly 'twas quite a sight, even in this time of...
  12. Flecker

    Fandom  The Will of a Single Man | Harry Potter RP | Mechanics & Lore

    PLOT POINTS - The Statute of Secrecy's position and its formal standing as the most absolute law of magic is being questioned. Many of the new age thinkers and radical officials have noticed the wars, the bloodshed and the general pain humanity has suffered weren't getting better as time...
  13. Flecker

    Fandom  The Will of a Single Man | Harry Potter RP | CS

    Name: Age: School Year: Academy (Beauxbatons/Hogwarts/Durmstrang/Ilvermorny): Blood Status: Gender: Physical Appearance (Realistic/Non-Anime): Details (Height, tattoos, scars, stuff) (Optional): Wand: Personality (Descriptive): Skills/Talents: (5 Points) (A 2nd year gets 6 points) (a 3rd year...
  14. Flecker

    Fandom  The Will of a Single Man | Harry Potter RP | Searching for Detailed & Literate Players

    "My brothers, my sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters; we've been blinded; we've been blinded not by the scorch of the sun, we've been blinded not by the freshly cut sharp blades of grass that grazed our eyes, no, rather, we've been blindfolded, we've been bagged, silenced and they...
  15. Flecker

    Multiple Settings  Looking for something

    looking for simple medieval slay the dragon rp or maybe other types of fantastical and strange rps. I usually reply with 2-3 paragraphs. basically just anything that sounds fantastical could be angels, could be dwarves, could be gnomes, could be ghosts or maybe if we're talking fandom then I do...
  16. Flecker

    Realistic or Modern  Tales of the Souls (Closed)

    Littlewood High The clock strikes ten after continuously spinning throughout the day. At your standard Littlewood High no one really is around at these times, nearly all the faculty members are all back home, students probably back in their homes or out and about with friends no longer in any...
  17. Flecker

    Realistic or Modern  Journey

    I'm not really sure how to start, but I guess I'm looking for 2 people for kind of a small group rp? Just gonna begin with a peaceful student life probably at middle/high school level, just watched a lot of old cartoons and kinda want to relive those old days when you feel like the world is...
  18. Flecker

    Futuristic  After the End: Experimental OOC

    Discuss anything here just call me I like hearing new things After the End: Experimental After the End: Character sheet After the End: Lore
  19. Flecker

    Futuristic  After the End:Experimental

    World of Chaos The smell of metal filled the air, combined with other bodily odors of its inhabitants, it was such a repugnant and stomach hurling aroma that one doesn't simply forget when they're entering the Hub. Not the worst place to be in the wastes and certainly better than straying...
  20. Flecker

    Futuristic  After the End: Experimental Character Sheet

    (The format's optional, you can do it like usual as long as there's name, age, gender, occupation, the 3 implants, short biography, short after apocalypse biography and physical appearance descriptive/picture/anything, or you can add a couple things you want in there, I'll approve it) Lore...