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  1. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Moon {PRIVATE}

    @Amindlessvoid (Yeah, I should’ve come up with a better title) A Pokémon with almost no memory of who they are or where they came from wakes up on a riverbank. They only have a PokeFlute with them. The other Pokémon, who found them, ends up being given the chance to join up with the...
  2. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Pokemon/Digimon meets Majora's Mask {1x1 Interest Check}

    Just as the title says, I'm interested doing a plot for either Pokemon (in the Mystery Dungeon style) or Digimon (in the World style) based off the N64 Zelda games and their 3DS counterparts; More specifically, Majora's Mask. Where our lead character and their companion end up having to save the...
  3. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Two Left Behind {Warrior Cats; PRIVATE}

    @Kitteh This is an AU where, instead of being forced out by a cult, SkyClan goes to seek out the Clans on their own free will. This journey isn't without its problems, however, and a cat plus two kits (our characters) end up lost in an entirely different place. And when their guardian dies...
  4. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Alone In The Jungle {Wings Of Fire; PRIVATE}

    @Kitteh Two dragonets end up stranded together in a lost part of the Rainforest Kingdom. There, they survive in their own little corner of paradise. Eventually, the two grow up and even have an egg together. Our two dragons will be from either the SkyWing, SeaWing, IceWing or NightWing...
  5. JungleRainWing

    Advice/Help  Help Me With a PJO Plot?

    I have a plot for the Riordanverse that's basically Fire Emblem: Three Houses (or parts of it at least). I'd like help on things like a fitting prophecy/prophecies, how many people would work for this kind of plot, those kinds of things. It'd be great if you've both read the Percy...
  6. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Jade Mountain Academy {Plotting/Chat Thread}

    (If you happen to stumble across this thread and you're interested, here's the link to the sign-up thread.)
  7. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Jade Mountain Academy {Wings Of Fire RP; Sign-Up Thread}

    This is basically going to be "Fire Emblem: Three Houses," but with dragons. The students at Jade Mountain Academy have an enemy in their midst, who has big plans for Pyrrhia. And, of course, the young dragons all have to band together to stop them. Not without going through the wringer, though...
  8. JungleRainWing

    Realistic or Modern  Deify: The Gods Reborn

    @Bunesh Since everyone was on that thread, I figured I'd make another thread for the two of us. I also don't think I need to describe your own plot back to you. I'll be gladly playing a boy who is the reborn greek god (Apollo/Poseidon/Zeus/Dionysus/Hermes/Hephaestus).
  9. JungleRainWing

    Multiple Settings  Be...My....GM...

    (I am SUPER sorry for the cringey reference to Candyman. I thought I was bein' clever and quirky.) I want someone to be the gamemaster (or dungeonmaster, however you say it), narrating the adventure(s) of my character. I really don't ask much for you. I want you to be able to write three...
  10. JungleRainWing

    Video Games  Majora’s Mask 3D

    Simple: I’d like someone who can answer questions about the game Majora’s Mask 3D.
  11. JungleRainWing

    Fantasy  A Contest For a Hero {PRIVATE}

    @Khrona Tensei Earth's strongest teenager is summoned to another realm to compete in a tournament to test his skills. Along the way, encountering a colorful cast of characters and learning more about where he came from. Is it okay if my guy (Tommy Derekson) is the biological child of one of...
  12. JungleRainWing

    Fantasy  In-Between Morality {PRIVATE}

    I'll start once you give me a brief description of the characters you'll play here. Just so I know what I'm working with.
  13. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Digimon: Cyber Detective {1x1}

    Recently, I purchased Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. And before that, I watched Detective Pikachu. As a result, I became inspired. Plot: This is just a (very crappy and) bare outline of the basic premise. I don't ask much from you, as a partner. Please be able to write three detailed sentences...
  14. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Inspired By: Three Houses

    This is more of an announcement, but: I will be creating a couple group threads inspired by the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. What can I say? I got addicted. Anyways, this will be either a Percy Jackson & The Olympians/Heroes Of Olympus or Wings Of Fire roleplay. If there are any other...
  15. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Digimon Saga: Digital Squadron {RP Thread}

    Alright, I'll post first!
  16. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  I Need a Partner For Certain Fandoms {1x1; Romance Optional}

    Exactly what the title says: I'm looking for someone to partner with for plots in certain fandoms. Romance and platonic are the two main types of RPs I'll do. I don't ask much from you. Please be able to write three detailed sentences to a paragraph; Good grammar wouldn't kill ya, either. For...
  17. JungleRainWing

    One x One  Digimon Saga: Digital Squadron {Plotting/Chat Thread}

    This is where we will talk about things such as our characters and the worldbuilding. But first things first: The timeline. The Champions were children in the late 90s. The current story takes place in the mid-to-late 2010s. Think of it as an alternate history of sorts.
  18. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Digimon Saga: Digital Squadron {Sign-Up Thread} *CLOSED*

    Plot: Yeah, the description is crappy, but you get the point. The storyline is a blend between Digimon Adventure, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Data Squad. Rules: The Champions (8/8): There are many world-building details that I will be discussing in the (yet-to-be-made) plotting/chat...
  19. JungleRainWing

    Fandom  Digimon: Digital Saga Advance {PRIVATE}

    @Lucem Once, seven children at a boarding school, all linked together by the rising cult classic Digimon, ended up being chosen by the gods of the Digital World to defeat the Dark Dynasty attempting a take-over. Now, those children are on the verge of adulthood and are reunited by an...