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  1. LocalRat

    Fandom Hey, Brother (Teen Wolf)

  2. LocalRat

    Fandom  Hey, Brother (Teen Wolf)

    Hey! I'm recently craving a Teen Wolf roleplay. I'm looking for it to be a roleplay where multiple characters will be involved! I'm wanting to play an OC of mine, for this roleplay I imagine she will be Derek's sister (who was thought to be deceased during the fire). You'll be playing Derek...
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    Fandom New Beginning (Teen Wolf)

  4. LocalRat

    Fandom New Beginning (Teen Wolf)

    Bump : )
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    Fandom Fandom Search! (Updated!)

  6. LocalRat

    Fandom Fandom Search! (Updated!)

  7. LocalRat

    Fandom New Beginning (Teen Wolf)

  8. LocalRat

    Fandom  New Beginning (Teen Wolf)

    Hey there! Recently I'm craving a Teen Wolf roleplay. Specifically I'd like to pair one of my OCs with Derek Hale, I have two that I'm thinking of using. I'll mark their information as a spoiler for you to read down below! I'd like to try and give this roleplay some life! I want to try for...
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    Fandom  Red Dead Redemption 2 (Plot inside) (Updated/edited rules a little)

    (First off; it is important to note that I have anxiety and I may have stop the roleplay at some point. I can't ever give an estimate on when, and if you wish to roleplay, please keep this in mind.) As always, please read my rules and roleplay info before messaging about this roleplay. My...
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    Multiple Settings Roleplay Partner Search. (Fandom or Fantasy)

    Hey! I would be interested in a Teen Wolf roleplay. :^) Can I PM you?
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    Fandom  Going 'Soft' (X-Men/Wolverine) (Updated 30/10)

    Please remember to read my rules! Disclaimer: This is not a smut roleplay! I am not looking to double up for this, unfortunately! I really want to do a roleplay with Logan/James Howlett and my OC! The main focus for this roleplay won't necessarily be romance, but will also focus on Logan's...
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    Fandom  Fandom Search! (Updated!)

    Hey there! Welcome to the list of fandoms that I am recently interested in. :^) Some of these I am craving roleplays for more than others. Those that I am more interested in will have stars (*) above them. My rules will be marked as a spoiler on this post. Please read my rules before...
  13. LocalRat

    Fandom Mango Farming in Tahiti // RDR2 Interest Check

    Hey! I don't know if you're still interested in a RDR2 roleplay, but if so, I can PM you! I have a few Canon characters I'm willing to roleplay as, and I also have one or two OCs for western settings, so I'm sure we can figure out something good :)