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  1. Fitzgerald Compson

    Futuristic  A dystopian world of consumerism.

    Hi, so I’m looking for a partner who’s willing to do an RP with me in a dystopia set world. The world is crumbling as we know it, people are becoming disfigured, blind and helpless. More and more people are dying, because of this, the government decided to start selling ‘happiness toys’ where...
  2. Fitzgerald Compson

    Realistic or Modern  The Cube.

    (Based on the movie, I wanna make an rp adaption of this since I love it so much. I guess I’ll start and I’ll see who continues): William stumbled downwards and hit the floor with a thud. The door above shutting with a mechanical like sound. “Shit...” He muttered, moving upwards and rubbing his...
  3. Fitzgerald Compson

    Story  My novel that I gave up on, feel free to criticise it

    So I gave up on this novel because of how undisputedly horrible it is. Enjoy I guess: Black And White Set 1816. Texas Chapter One: The New House His eyes could barely stay awake. Pain was his legs. Aching was his chest. And broken was his brain. He could scarcely walk without stumbling. And...
  4. Fitzgerald Compson

    Multiple Settings  Another rp to keep up

    So I’m going behind in the rp community and I wanna keep up. Here’s another post offering an rp
  5. Fitzgerald Compson

    Story  Short story that I would like some criticism on

    The Ree. By Alex Sheffield Set 1824 The Hunter shuffled through the forest. His feet squelching in the mud. The leaves thwacked across his masked face while the wind howled its angered rage across the scavenged forest. His animal fur as clothing was wet and damp, his hand made snake pants...
  6. Fitzgerald Compson

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a roleplays

    Looking for roleplays. I have something interesting to show for but considering I’m new it might be a tad bit halfbaked