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  1. snappuchan

    Fandom  Any 'A Hat in Time' roleplayers?

    What is up guys, long time no see ^^ Admin Suko here with another partner search I'm looking for 'A Hat in Time' Roleplayers (Canon and OC allowed? I've been busy so I have to keep this short adios! Admin Suko
  2. snappuchan

    Multiple Settings  Searching for RP

    Hello! Admin Suko here! Im looking for some RP partners who comply with the following below + Semi-literate to literate +Good grammar +Is fine with fluff (cuddles, kisses, nothing NSFW) +13+ of age Fandoms and characters I can play + Danganronpa V3 (Kokichi, Kirumi, Ryoma, Kiibo, my...
  3. snappuchan

    Fandom  Looking for RP partner-

    Hey guys, Admin Suko here, it is currently 11:03 M where I love so I gotta make this quick so I just need a oc x oc RP that is fine with minor fluff (Cuddles, cheek kisses, nothing NSFW) So uh...Uh....yeah. Where the heck is my Switch May shining ope be with you all! Admin Suko
  4. snappuchan

    Fandom  Life at Hopes Peak Academy (Non despair au rp) 0/20

    Hello and welcome to my RP, this is Danganronpa related (Same setting, but with OC's and Canon) ~~ Plot Your first day at Hopes Peak, an academy for students who where quote-on-quote "Ultimates". You looked down at the letter you got with a grin, before walking into the gates that led to the...
  5. snappuchan

    Fandom  Danganronpa RP (Non despair AU) OOC

    Follow the rules from the post here please
  6. snappuchan

    Welcome me, that one weeb fan of Danganronpa

    Hello, I'm Jitsuko, but you can call me Admin Suko. I am a literate-Semi Literate roleplayer, looking for a good RP for oc's. I have two dogs My favorite food is Hibachi My favorite drink is grape fanta I love Danganronpa, or anything anime. My favorite Danganronpa V3 character is Ryoma My...