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    Fantasy  Vampires & Werewolves

    I'm looking for someone to write as a vampire while I write as a werewolf. I feel like there is a lot to cover with this, and I'm not entirely sure where to start, so please forgive me if this post just seems like a jumbled, unorganized mess! Okaaaaay! So, I can't claim to have a specific plot...
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    Seeking a DM! Play by post.

    I'll keep this simple, but if you have questions, feel free to message me or post! Myself and a group of other interested players are looking for a DM. We are hoping to play one of these games: lost mine of phandelver, sunless citadel, or waterdeep: dragon heist. We are very much hoping for...
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    Fandom  Crossover! Arya/Geralt [GoT/Witcher]

    Hello, hello! So, thanks for stopping by! I’m going to try and keep this simple, so if you have any questions, feel free to message me and we can sort things out. Likewise, if you find yourself interested, shoot me a message and we can get things rolling! Alrighty! This is a story I’ve been...
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    Digital  dumping art!

    don't mind me, just gonna dump some art here! Mostly unfinished and sketchy as hell art!
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    Fandom  ★ Kylo Ren x Rey? ★

    Thanks so much for stopping by my thread. I'm going to keep this short and sweet! ✮ I'm looking for a partner to play as Ben against my Rey in a roleplay. ✮ The roleplay can be AU as hell or we can stick closely to the actual story. ✮ I'd like to find someone who can write 3+ paragraphs. ✮ A...
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    Digital  perfectly imperfect

    Just a place for me to dump my imperfect and unfinished sketches and doodles <3
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    Fandom  Ouran High School Host Club!

    Heya! So, I was watching some OHSHC today, and it totally rekindled my love for the series. I’m going to keep this simple for the sake of brevity, but if you have questions, then by all means, ask away! For now, I’m going to just get on with what I’m looking for, and hope that I get a few bites...
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    Digital  Art practice dump!

    Practicing with various styles, mostly digital painting. I'm really not great at it, but that's why I'm practicing lmao. Anywho, mostly posting this to invite helpful criticism and critiques!
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    Other  nvm~!

    Hello! I’ll keep this brief for now to gauge people’s interest, but I’ll add more info once I’m off work! Basically, I’m looking for fellow artists who are interested in getting together on discord for some fun “group” arting! Basically we will all agree on prompts/themes and do a drawing based...
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    Fandom  Vampire Chronicles!

    Yeah, it’s me again! Like Lestat, this search thread will never die. Seriously, this is a roleplay that I’ve been craving for more than two years I think? Oh, well! This is the only roleplay I am actively seeking, and I have time to keep looking, so I may as well! So, on the off chance that...
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    D&D 5e; seeking players + dm! (Play by post)

    So, let me start off by saying that I am writing this on my phone from work, so it is going to be a very simple thread for now. Just to get my search out there and hopefully grab some attention, I guess! Alright, so I am new to D&D, but have played 5e a few times irl. However, this isn’t rl, so...
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    Naruto-ish D&D? Seeking: DM + other players!

    So this is very likely a weird search, and I don't know at all how it would even work out. I'm not even sure where to begin! I was on the verge of making a D&D search, but then I've also been craving something Naruto-themed... and thought the two could be combined?? I'd definitely need the help...
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    Fandom  Vampire Chronicles, anyone? <3

    So, I’m here with a very quick, basic thread to simply get my craving out in the open! That being said, if you have any questions due to how brief this thread is, feel absolutely free to message me with your inquiries, or even post them here if you like! Now, onto the specifics! I’m craving to...
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    Digital  art fart

    Just posting some of my art to cure (or worsen) depression. B) Will probably post more as I draw more, if I draw more, ayyy. What is art? How does make art good?!
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    [no longer searching]

    ✴ Seeking: Dungeon Master✴ Current Players: ▶ useless ▶ @rupert ▶ @Nihilego ▶ @Jagson (If you are no longer interested, please let me know! Thank you!) We are currently on the hunt for a DM for our fairly small party! As the DM, you would have say over if we should add more players or not -...
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    Fandom  The Vampire Chronicles [Be my Lestat?]

    Hello! It’s good to meet you, stranger! First off, let me start with a big thanks for taking the time to stop by my thread! It isn’t a new thread, not by any means, really. Nor is the content really new, I think ‘refurbished’ is a better suited word to describe this search! Problem is, I’m...
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    Multiple Settings  Something Dark! MxM! [ignore prefix]

    - I am looking for partners who are OVER eighteen! This roleplay will contain language and graphic scenes that I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable writing with anyone under that age. - On that note, I don’t expect there to be anything crazy, such as heavy gore or anything (unless you want~)! Just...
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    Fandom  Naruto/My Hero Academia CROSSOVER [Sakura x ?]

    So, as the title suggests, I would love to do a crossover between My Hero Academia and Naruto! Specifically, I am interested in playing as Sakura and placing her in the universe of heroes! Considering how AU this already will be, I can play as her as a teen or aged up to an adult, it matters...
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    Fandom  Star Wars [MxM]

    Hello, and thanks for stopping by! It may be obvious, but I’m on the hunt for a Star Wars roleplay. Now, before you read any farther, I think it’s important that you know I’m not extremely well-versed with the Star Wars universe. I have seen all of the movies EXCEPT the most recent one, The Last...
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    Fandom  Hellsing AU [Alucard x OC?]

    So, I know it’s selfish of me, but I’m really aching to play as an OC against Alucard from the Hellsing series in a very AU roleplay. I don’t have a super solid idea - just a strong craving! Here is the gist of what I’m after, though: The events that took place within the Hellsing series did...