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  1. TexasKingPin

    Multiple Settings  On The Path (Again)

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening… I am TERRIBLE at writing these things so I will just get down to the meat and bones of why this post exists on the RPN website. I want to roleplay, I want to write, I want to feel some sort of mental stimulation in my life other than waking up and playing video...
  2. TexasKingPin

    Story  Horror Story Time

    The Hiker and the Trumpet December 12, 2018 It was the middle of a cold winter day, the kind of days where the chill has sunk so deep into the earth and set so far into your bones that it feels like you can never warm up. The sun was shining, offering the littlest warmth as golden rays pushed...
  3. TexasKingPin

    Fandom  Dragon Age: Inquisition RP

    Hello All! It only took 5 years, multiple restarts, and ten billion characters I've remade and made again.... But I finally finished DA: Inquisition with a character I loved and a world I created with my own decisions. I then promptly restarted it to play it another way cause why the heck not...
  4. TexasKingPin

    Back Again!

    Howdy! Hi! Hello! I took a break from Roleplay for a year or so to concentrate on working towards my career goals and I finally have time to jump back in world of Roleplay and having fun with some world play. Great to be back guys!