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  1. Kawaii-Angel

    Fantasy -

    Hello~! I'd like to be able to claim a werewolf role!
  2. Kawaii-Angel

    Sure! What do you have in mind?

    Sure! What do you have in mind?
  3. Kawaii-Angel

    Thanks for the follow!

    Thanks for the follow!
  4. Kawaii-Angel

    Congrats! <3

    Congrats! <3
  5. Kawaii-Angel

    Fantasy Soft, Royal Romance [MxF or FxM]

    Great! I'll DM you then!
  6. Kawaii-Angel

    Fantasy  Soft, Royal Romance [MxF or FxM]

    Hello! So, I'm making a video game and need to feel out one of my OCs more. The story itself is quite dark, so I need a softer RP to balance out how she acts outside of that story's environment. With that said! She's a crown princess and a demoness. For this RP, your character would be a...
  7. Kawaii-Angel

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! My name is Angel and I'm 19 years old! I've been RPing for 7 years now and have enjoyed making friends as I've done so! I absolutely adore dark romance/fantasy RPs, but I don't mind exploring all kinds of genres! (Outside of Sci-Fi for now, I'm too smol-brained for it) I like writing...