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  1. Captain Hesperus

    News & Updates  A triumphant return and a sad departure

    Greetings and salutations, exalted users of RpNation. I am Captain Hesperus, Administrator, Archlord of the Fourteenth Realm of Hell and Grand High Poobah of the Cult of Ghan (May His Code Ever Compile). I come before you today to advise you that the bindings upon my erstwhile prison have...
  2. Captain Hesperus

    F-35-A Condor Interplanetary Dropship

    Propulsion Two Cyclodyne Multi-vector Thrust Atmospheric Drives, Two Cyclodyne Hydrogen Plasma Extraplanetary Drives, Medium-range Gravitic Core. Length Fuselage: 66.3 ft. (20.20824 m) Width Rotors turning: 46.5 ft. (14.1732 m) Height Nacelles vertical: 22.1 ft. (6.73 m) Vertical Takeoff Max...
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    Sanity and Sanctuary

    I am hitting the town, finally! Cecily thought to herself as she stepped out of the monorail carriage she’d be riding in. For the past few days after arriving on the orbital station, she’d laid low in the seedy rented apartment building she currently called home. It’d been the only place to not...
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    Orbital Station: Gateway

    The Earth has had artificial satellites and orbital platforms circling it since the very birth of Mankind's move into space. Some platforms are entirely scientific, like the Daedalus Orbital Research Environment (DORE), while others were strictly military, such as the now-lost Orbital Station...
  5. Captain Hesperus

    Trouble in Paradise

    May 4th 106AU Location: Shuttle Bay 18, Inner Habitation Ring, Orbital Station: Gateway Time: 1140hrs EST It’s approaching the busy lunch hour and the streets of the city are crowded with bodies moving to and from their places of work, either going to get lunch or bringing a purchased meal...
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    David Sommerville

    David 'Dave' Sommerville {slide=Vitals} Age: 32 Race: Human Affiliation: Nominally UEF, Taskforce Salient Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Theme Song: Appearance: 5'11", short brown hair, gray eyes, muscular build. Dave tends to wear clothes that could see and survive combat, cargo...
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    NCC Template

    NCC Name {slide=Vitals} Age: Race: Affiliation: Gender: Sexuality: Theme Song: Appearance: Birthplace: Profession: Psionics or Cybernetics: (This is optional) {/slide}{slide=Character Skills/Flaws}Character Skills: (NCCS can only have 1 Major and two Minor Skills) Major Skill 1...
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    (Source: Venus is a primarily agricultural world, given the high carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere and mineral-rich volcanic soil. It was initially colonized by heavy industrial companies but...
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    Research Lab Neptune

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    (Source: Of all the planets within Earth’s solar system, Mercury was perhaps the least likely to be colonized. Being the smallest actual planet and the closest to the Sun made it almost utterly inimical to...
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    (Source: Mars was the first planet to be colonized by humans as they expanded out into space. The initial concept of the Mars Colony, named Ares City, was little more than a stopping-off point for spacecraft that were planned to fly out...
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    Cradle of Humanity, birthplace of the United Earth Federation and battleground between the invading Tha’Kar and humans, this planet was once a thriving jewel in the crown of the UEF. Now it is a blasted ruin, large swathes of the planet have been scoured by the coming of the Tha’Kar. The humans...
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    Admiral Tatyana Anja Vasiliev-deHaviland

    Tatyana Anja Vasiliev-deHaviland {slide=Vitals}Age: 46 Race: Human Affiliation: UEF Space Navy Rank: Admiral, Commander of First Fleet Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual, Widowed Appearance: 5 Birthplace: Earth Profession: Admiral {/slide}{slide=History}History: Tatyana...
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    Cecily Keiko van Heulen

    Cecily Keiko van Heulen {slide=Vitals} Age: 22 Race: Human Affiliation: Ex-Yakuza, Ex-Mercurian Free Army Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Theme Song: Appearance: Cecily is a short (5’0”) woman of Asian-European extraction. Despite her age, she looks exactly like a 12 year old...
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    Nagumo, Jun

    Jun Nagumo {slide=Vitals} Age: 26 Race: Japanese Affiliation: UEF Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual (with leanings to Asexual) Theme Song: Appearance: Jun is one of the rare few 50%+ cyborgs, with more than half of his body given over to cybernetic enhancement. He stands...
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    The Tha'Kar

    According to the Tessary, who gave humans the most information regarding as-yet unencountered races outside the Sol system, the Tha’Kar are a highly dangerous, incredibly aggressive alien race who seek to bring their genetic structure to what they feel is their ultimate perfection. To achieve...
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    Hercules Papadopolis

    Character info Name: Hercules Papadopolis Rank: Lance Corporal Alignment: Principled Picture (in spoiler) Herc in his Marine days. He was told to look stern. I think it worked. (Image credit: Gears of War) O.C.C.: Mechanized Infantry Experience Level: 8th Age: 25 Sex: Male Disposition...
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    Cecily Keiko van Heulen

    NAME: Cecily Keiko van Heulen AGE: 22 WEIGHT: 100 lbs HEIGHT: 5'0" Ethnicity: Japanese-European. Eye color: Green. Blood type: AB+ Date of Birth: 18 September 2250 PERSONAL QUOTES: "Oh. My. God.... SHOE SALE!!!!" "Is that the AK-109 Special?" *checks action*...
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    Fractured (Wizard & Captain)

    @The Dark Wizard ---|Captain Jun Negumo|--- ---|Grey/Black Ops Wetwork Operative|--- Jun looked at the appointment card dubiously. It had arrived via the inter-office mail aboard the Orbital Station and had asked him to attend a session with a doctor from the Genetic Research...