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  1. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fandom  Hello nice to meet you! (ocxoc Star Wars)

    This is going to be quite a short search thread, so I'm not going to 'waste' time on using spoilers or any type of aesthetic thing. So: Hi I'm Hiuly and I'm really craving Star Wars and with things being slow (or nonexistent) at the moment with my ongoing rp, I'm quite bored and search for...
  2. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fandom  Ilan (Star Wars inspired) (Closed)

    "No, oh nononononono", Rhea said, as the spinning ground came closer and closer. Alarms were blinking and beeping all over her cockpit. Curse that Sleemo who attacked her, damaging her stolen X-wing enough that she started falling onto the planet below her. Obviously, he isn't alive anymore...
  3. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a partner! Who's up for it? (always open)

    Hey everyone! First of all here's a link to a song I've been "binge-listening" if you're interested. Music aside now – let's talk business. The more hearts something has, the more I'm craving it, but I'm always open to pretty much anything, you throw at me, haha (no hearts - I'm down for it...
  4. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Music  Could someone help me please?

    Hey everyone! I'm totally aware that, this is probably for posting finished projects only, but that's the only thing I have found so far, so I'm posting this here anyways. Here's the thing: I would love to write and sing my own song, but I either don't have any ideas or I have way too many to...
  5. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fantasy  "Videogame" idea (Dragon of Darkness) Searching for people

    Hello and depending where you are, good morning, good afternoon or good evening! My friend, silver_moon and I had an idea for doing a group roleplay, where we would "play" a video game. It'd be a virtual reality limited edition video game, where we'd have to try to survive and free the world of...
  6. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fandom  Searching for a partner!

    Hey! I'm searching for someone who'd be willing to do a rp with me. I don't have any preferences, except for one. No romance! But that's it. I also really enjoy conversations oorp and I will actively start them and/or start 'talking' at some random point when something happened or just to get to...
  7. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fandom  Teen titans group

    Hi everyone! Silver_Moon, QuickWords and I had the Idea that we could make a group where every team member would be present and played by somebody. Would you be in for it?? We need: - Robin -Cyborg I hope to hear from you soon!!
  8. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fandom  1x1 Star Wars

    I'd like to do a Rp in the clone wars era. More specifically, master/padawan with Anakin and Ahsoka. I'd like to be Ahsoka. Anyone up for it?
  9. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fandom  Looking for partner to do Star Wars (oc x oc)

    (Edit: 03/22/20) Hi everyone! I decided to edit this thread, because it seemed like it was the easiest one and the one with the most information on it already. (I didn't have a thread yet, that I could bump) Since we're all in the corona crisis now and many of us including me are bored, because...
  10. Hiuly of Starmoon

    Fandom  Star Wars rp?

    Hello! I’m searching for someone to do a 1x1 Roleplay. Here’s a little bit of info about me: -This is my first time roleplaying, but I've written fanfiction for the past two years -English isn't my native toungue, so I apologize in advance. I created a character called Amyra Lumio, but we...
  11. Hiuly of Starmoon


    Well, I just wanted to say hi and ask how you all are doing, so: Hi! How do you do?