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  1. darkfox1000

    Fantasy Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown (Fantasy Kingdom - Sign Ups)

    WIP Full Name: Victoria Cecilia Rembrite Nicknames: Vic, Tori Status: Lady in Waiting Gender: Female Age: 20 Birthdate: July 18 Appearance: Jenna Coleman Height & Weight: 5'3, 110 lbs Scent: Lavender and Citrus Body Modifications: A small tattoo of Jasmine flowers on the small of...
  2. darkfox1000

    Fantasy Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown (Fantasy Kingdom - Sign Ups)

    I would love to be a lady in waiting for either of the princesses!
  3. darkfox1000

    Fantasy Nororth's Academy Of Sorcery

    Can I reserve a fire and water slot? I wanna make siblings.
  4. darkfox1000

    Fantasy For Astoria! (Reboot)

    Holy shit! I was about to sign off and go to sleep, I'm so glad that I saw this before I passed out. I was part of the original RP, and I'm interested in joining the reboot as well! I love Skyrim and DnD, although I haven't been able to play the latter as much due to the pandemic, and I usually...
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    Fantasy Magic Knights: Crimson Moon CS

    Name: Lillith Stratos Gender: female Race: Unkown Age: Unclear, but looks like she's in her early 20's Role: Dark Priestess Appearance: Lillith has never looked completely healthy, her incredibly white, pale skin is the first feature of hers, that people notice, this matched with her body being...
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    Fantasy Heathwood (werewolf RP we need more characters!)

    Oh, my bad I use art.
  7. darkfox1000

    I feel honored to have such a big celebrity following me. <3

    I feel honored to have such a big celebrity following me. <3
  8. darkfox1000

    Fantasy Heathwood (werewolf RP we need more characters!)

    Love the idea! Can I be a Jericho warrior?
  9. darkfox1000

    Realistic or Modern Hasegawa Academy, Culinary Institute

    Oh my god, you had me at food wars. I'm super interested. I'd like to be on the council, please.
  10. darkfox1000

    Fantasy Legends of Nyrvasta [OPEN]

  11. darkfox1000

    Multiple Settings Anyone wanna rp?

    I'd love to RP with you if you don't mind a little world building.
  12. darkfox1000

    Multiple Settings Looking for 1-2 Partners

    I'd love to RP with you. PM if interested. I mainly gravitate towards fantasy role-plays.
  13. darkfox1000

    Multiple Settings [Invite Only] Valorous Order: Insignius Blade

    Very interested in this, but I am a bit intimidated by the sheer scope and detail of the world you've created here. So, will wait for new information to come out and rereading the information that has already been given. I genuinely look forward to this. <3
  14. darkfox1000

    Fantasy Dragon Song [Anime-style, Long-Term Adventure - Closed/FULL!]

    Character Name: Arthur Nickname(s): Artie Alias: Protector of the forest, Forest God Age: 24 Race: Dragonkin Height: 5'9, 6 ft with his antlers Weight: 150 lbs Hair Color: grass green Eye Color: brown Complexion: pale Dragon Type: Nature Dragon General Description: Blessed with the power to...
  15. darkfox1000

    Realistic or Modern Astrolea

    Interested! I wanna be an Idol.
  16. darkfox1000

    Fantasy The Dragon’s throne. (Rp page)

    Winter sat in the corner of that small, dim-lit tavern room, with her feet kicked up on the worn, wooden table and her creaking chair leaning back against the wall. The journey here was far duller than she expected if she knew how dull it was she would have opted to stay in the castle...
  17. darkfox1000

    Fantasy For Astoria! - Main (CLOSED)

    Juniper sat hunched over a small wooden table, staring at the worn-out pages of a book, a very thick and dreadfully boring book. When she had purchased 'The Secrets and History of Liomura.' she expected more of an exciting tale of dragons and magic and less of a list of every single king who...
  18. darkfox1000

    Realistic or Modern Roseview Academy for Rebellious Royal Girls— SCHOOL FOR PRINCESSES —OPEN

    Super interested! I'd prefer to be a student but if you are in need of teachers more I'd be happy to be one instead. I can be any teacher other than political theory, philosophy, or battle tactics. On to my favorite princess, Tamar of Georgia started co ruling with her father at only the age of...