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  1. KaigerGalaxy

    Fandom Semi-Lit Roleplay Check! Many Fandoms Below!!

    i've been looking for someone who does invader zim- you up for it?
  2. KaigerGalaxy

    Realistic or Modern Post-Apocalyptic Romance

    Hey hey! This seems like a really cool idea! If this is still open could I ask what pairings you do? ps I'm a semi-lit roleplayer
  3. KaigerGalaxy

    Fandom  Invader Zim Oc x Oc/canon anybody?

    I have an oc who I've wanted to use for a little while but never did. His name is Dag, an Irken scientist on the run after finding out some classified information. Earth seemed like the perfect place to hide since it's where they sent Zim. I'm a semi-lit roleplayer open to characters outside of...
  4. KaigerGalaxy

    Multiple Settings  Kai back at it again (roleplay search)

    Hey hey! Again, looking for some angsty gay crap to give me a reason to ignore my classes. This would probably only be a short roleplay unless we just keep throwing conflicts in like popcorn. Honestly, if you want to, you could use a canon character if you want but I don't see why you would...