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  1. Darth Tangent

    Fandom  Ben 10 Based RP

    So I've been rewatching various Ben 10 episodes, from the original to Omniverse, and its got me hyped to have a crack at making an rp based off of the show. Right now, I only have two ideas, both of which are completely taken from past Ben 10 rps. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to...
  2. Darth Tangent

    Other  Battle within a RolePlay

    I consider myself to be a fairly experienced roleplayer. I have been a part of, helped create and supervise several roleplays here and on other medias. Fantasy or Fandom are the genres I typically gravitate towards. Naturally, fighting is quite a big part of that. Yet have I to use a system or...
  3. Darth Tangent

    Fandom  DWMA: Partner Needed

    I am in a Soul Eater rp and I am looking for anyone to be my weapon's meister. I kinda made his meister already, but I'd rather someone else be his meister. Not only that, anyone wanting to join can try if they want to. It's semi detailed, so at least a paragraph per post. If interested I can...
  4. Darth Tangent

    Fandom  First Rp

    I have been rping for a while, and I would like to make my first rp. I have a few ideas for possible fandom rps I want to make. A "..." means maybe. "!" Means want. Wakfu! Power Rangers! Assassin's Creed Ben 10... Infamous Steven Universe... OC Teen Titans... I might add more to...
  5. Darth Tangent

    Looking for 1 on 1 partner

    Hello, I am new to one on one roleplaying but I want to give it a shot. I prefer being the male but I will try to be a female if needed(MxF, FxF). I try to fit to my partners playing style but I don't have much practice with detailed. I'm willing to try though. Here are a few pairings I like(I...