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  1. Sarah Bear

    Hi, pretty new, out of extreme hiatus.

    Hello all, if I started a thread with you and didn't finish, I apologize deeply, hmu if you would want to continue it, though. Anyone who wants to do something new (And I promise I won't go on another hiatus.) I enjoy nation/world building, futuristic, and fantasy groups the most, I look forward...
  2. Sarah Bear

    Futuristic  Fallout Colorado: Lore and OOC

    Faction lore: NCR, Bos, and Legion are much similar too the way they are depicted in Fallout NV except for the following changes: The Legion is smaller and weaker as they have not had such massive growth yet, and have not expanded as far as western Nevada and Utah, that said they are still a...
  3. Sarah Bear

    Futuristic  Fallout: Colorado (Interest check)

    Fallout: Colorado takes place in a slight variation of Fallout, it is non-canon, but something that feasibly could happen in the Fallout universe. Main story-line: The year is 2268. The legion has discovered a fort in Colorado, and is doing all they can to keep a hold on it. This isn't the...
  4. Sarah Bear

    Futuristic  Fallout: Colorado Character Sheets.

    You can have your character sheet in essentially any form you wish, so long as it has the following: Name Obviously anything works, whatever you come up with, in New Vegas there is literally a mutant named meansonofabitch so you could potentially name your character anything. Gender: What...
  5. Sarah Bear

    Newish but know what I like.

    Hello, sorry if the title is cringy or off-putting but I am terrible at titles. Anyway, I am a bit new to roleplay and completely new to the site, but that's cool I'll pick up on it quickly. As for what I like, I enjoy fantasy role playing, futuristic roleplaying, and what this site calls...