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  1. feralfox

    Fantasy  Plot I have in mind

    This plot is based on a story I'm writing: The setting is on an island called the Dark Island. It is known for a curse. The curse was caused by an ancient and powerful emerald. An ordinary man, Gideon Shade, stole the emerald, wanting it for power. With this magical emerald, he gained control of...
  2. feralfox

    Fandom  Shadowhunters rp?(Always open!)

    Really craving a shadow hunters rp! I'd prefer to do a mxf but I'm willing to try m// or f// depending on my mood^^ I haven't watched the show so Id really like to do it based on the books. I don't really require a certain amount when you write but just no one-liners and I'd prefer detail...
  3. feralfox

    Fantasy  Plots

    Below are a few plots I'm craving. These are plots based on a few stories I'm writing. A few rules: ~no god modding ~ these plots are m/f ~I don't really care how much you post, since I've been known to slack from time to time. But please no on-liners ~if the rp gets boring, please tell me...
  4. feralfox

    Fandom  Looking for partners cx

    Hi! My name is Silver and I'm a junior in high school. I love to write and rp has been a passion of mine for awhile. Probably since middle school. Rules: No god modding Be active- I don't mind a day or two but it would be nice if you could reply at least every other day. Once a day is fine...
  5. feralfox

    Hello everyone!

    I'm kinda new to this site. I had a precious account on here but it looks like a few things have been changed. My name is feralfox but you can call me Silver or Liv. I'm looking for friends on here, and if there is anything else you'd like to know about me, just let me know!