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  1. Soot the Remnant

    Multiple Settings  It all began with two lost souls...

    It all began with two lost souls, each seeking out "The City" for their own means, whatever they originally were. How did they know they'd get lost? All they'd ever heard was that it was magic, and that, possibly, it had just the thing to fulfill their every desire. How could they pass that up...
  2. Soot the Remnant

    Multiple Settings  Always Open

    Plot One: When the Living Stir - Turns out the cure to mortality was death. Well, obviously it was a little more complicated than that, but the result was the same. Just take that bitter pill, and you stop aging, stop needing to sleep, stop needing to breathe, it's great! The thing is, there was...
  3. Soot the Remnant

    Fantasy  Forge worlds with me.

  4. Soot the Remnant

    Good to feel wanted

    Nothing here, sorry
  5. Soot the Remnant

    Multiple Settings  Off the cuff 1x1 ideas! (Heavy lit/Fast/Fun)

    These are just a few starters I threw together recklessly and on the fly. I write multiple paragraphs, I never shy away from adult themes and circumstances, and I always go for the long term! Who wants to live forever?: Our characters, along with a background cast of others, under one...