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  1. Sephus

    Multiple Settings  The Cycle Repeats || Ouroboros || Fresh Out of Hiatus

    Hello, I'm Chris. About me: I'm a 29 year old male. I work from home. I'm critical, self-loathing, and a touch nihilistic. In times of great stress or inspiration, I turn to writing. My goals: To overcome my resistance to and fear of writing. To write daily. To write a novel. To leave a...
  2. Sephus

    Multiple Settings  Plot me harder ;3

    About me: - 29 years old - Male - Pacific Time (PT) - Loves psychology - Likes lemons and coffee - An asshole Expectations: - 3rd person, past tense - Proper grammar and syntax - OOC: discussion, world-building, plot input and output - Plot, interactions, consequences should follow established...
  3. Sephus

    Multiple Settings  Let's suck at writing together :D (OC Futuristic)

    ^That said: when IC, please use proper grammar and syntax. I'm a 29 year old male. I typically play male in a mxf context. After an extended amount of time taken from writing and a viral pandemic later, I've had no other choice but to look my passion in the face. And its face is intimidating...
  4. Sephus

    Multiple Settings  Fingers itching to write

    Hi all, I'm looking for a fellow writer to collaborate with and create an intertwined story filled with organic relationships and the occasional, elbow-jostling banter. I'm open to discussions and coming up with ideas together. While spelling out roles helps simplify things, I prefer to keep...
  5. Sephus

    Futuristic  Starbound: A Timeless Voyage [OOC]

    OOC here :)
  6. Sephus

    One x One  Starbound: A Timeless Voyage [Character Sheets]

    Name: Walter Pierce Hair: Dark brown Age: 24 Height: 5'11 Weight: 170lbs Specialties and Training: Major: Flight controls & Navigations; minor: Basic first aid administration Rank: Private Personality/ Intro (Optional): Born on a fringe colony, Walter spent his adolescent years working his...
  7. Sephus

    Futuristic  Starbound: A Timeless Voyage

    Pvt. Walter Pierce gripped his safety harnesses as the transport groaned under the stratospheric pressures. A single breach in the hull would instantly crush the three dozen bright-eyed recruits. How was everyone so care free? His thick brows knit together as his azure eyes flickered from...
  8. Sephus

    Fandom  Fade To Black: A Tevinter Tale (Dragon Age)

    Avelor Laenia Character Sheet With a sharp gasp of metaphorical air, the white-haired Avelor woke with a start. His metaphysical self sat up, his elven ears twitched, and his brow crinkled in thought. Dreamers didn't stumble into the Fade. In fact, he typically pranced or pirouetted through the...
  9. Sephus

    Multiple Settings  M for OC & Long-term
    Index: M/F

    About Me - 27 year-old male - Burgeoning writer - Avid gamer Preferences - Minimum of 2 paragraphs+ (~400ish+ words) per reply + Context matters: Shorter responses are ok - Third person & past tense - I like to play M - Advanced Literacy & Creativity: + Proper Grammar + Content & Substance +...