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  1. XxAlien_CelloxX

    Fantasy  VHA OOC CHAT!

    Welcome to the VHA OOC! Knock your self crazy here! Plan ships {Please keep it appropriate to RPN Rules}, Make Friends, Plot, Do Whatever!
  2. XxAlien_CelloxX

    Fantasy  VHA CS!

    EXTRA INFO: If you wanna be part of the Vampirian Royalty please PM me! Ill tell you a bit about the blood line and other things! -Character Info- Name: Age {15-18. Vampirians exempt but please be a younger Vampirian}: Gender: Sexuality: Species {If Hybrid please state that}: Short Backstory...
  3. XxAlien_CelloxX

    Fantasy  Vampirian and Human Academy {VHA Interest Check!}

    Hello hello! I just wanna see if anyone would be intrested in this! Congratulations! You are one of the chosen few to go to VHA. The school for Vampirians and Humans alike! This school has much to offer from the Great Library to the Classes to even the Gardens around the school or the...