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  1. First Rose

    [Old Thread]

    Upon finding an old and dusty book from the ruins of an old cavern, you wipe the dust awry from its cover to spy the large bolded letters that spelled, "Mystic Codex of Fantasies". To suffice your curiousity, you open its pages to take a look over what lays within such a mysterious tome. The...
  2. First Rose

    Fantasy  Codex of Eternal Fantasies ~Characters~

    Characters are no longer stored here. They're now here
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    Fantasy  °~Lore~° Behind the Mystic Codex

    History of Dawnhaven The Land of Dawnhaven used to be a place filled with beings of all sorts, magic users of various kinds, and adventures around every corner. Great beast, monsters, and animals walked the terrains with freedom and peace. The magic of the Earth was seen as a honored tool and...