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  1. strawberrycelia

    Pirates Of The Skies! (IC Thread)

    Helior is loud, bustling and lively in a way that Crow has missed. So often she races through small towns, pulling a hood tighter over her head and keeping as low as possible - but for the past few weeks, she's been acclimating to having a safe space, a ship where your worth is equal to the work...
  2. strawberrycelia

    Fantasy Once Upon Our Time | Characters

    Name: Bianca Rose Nickname: Bi (pronounced bee), Beast (Her wrestler name), Beastie Age: 23 Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Disney Character: The Beast Face Claim: AJ Lee Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Light Brown, but she dyes it darker. Height: 6'0" Magical Artifact: Floating rose in a...
  3. strawberrycelia

    Realistic or Modern Coldwater: A Supernatural Horror Western (OPEN)

    Bambi is still borderline hysterical, her face twisted and wet with compassion. It rings familiar - the same shock and pain of a mother seeing her bloodied and laid out son, the face of a young nurse bandaging yet another broken rib. It's a look of helpless pain, of genuine grief for another...
  4. strawberrycelia

    Futuristic Sharing Arcadian Nights CS page

    Basics Name: Lola Jimenez Age: 22 Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her Orientation: Bisexual Alias: Princesa Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, Portuguese Ethnicity: Latina Disabilities/Ailments: Lola suffers violent panic attacks when she is restrained or trapped. She developed this at a young age...
  5. strawberrycelia

    Fantasy Pirates Of The Sky! (Character Thread)

    Name: Crow Race: Changeling Class: Wild Magic Sorcerer Gender: Her true form is female, but she can just as easily embody male forms very comfortably. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Appearance: Crow's appearance is often based on whatever striking features stick out to her from strangers. Ever since...
  6. strawberrycelia

    Realistic or Modern Coldwater: A Supernatural Horror Western (OPEN)

    The woman runs into town like a bat out of hell, small but commanding in her intensity and emotion. She's slight but has an unmistakable strength about her, small fists beating loudly against the doctor's door. Rico snaps to attention when she shouts, never one to argue much with an...
  7. strawberrycelia

    Futuristic Sharing Arcadian Nights [A Cyberpunk RP]

    Definitely interested!
  8. strawberrycelia

    Realistic or Modern Coldwater: A Supernatural Horror Western (OPEN)

    Coldwater's dirty little secret; that's what Ricardo feels like. He's a few paces away from the saloon, subtly counting his winnings from his last binge at the gambling table. It's not necessarily the life he wanted for himself, but it's far from home and that's enough. Besides, this 'career' is...
  9. strawberrycelia

    Realistic or Modern Coldwater: A Supernatural Horror Western (Interest check)

    That makes sense - seeing Wolfie's character sheet also gave me the idea of possibly making him a gentleman of the night. I think it tracks for him being desperate for some money after leaving home. I might go in that direction - either way, thank you for chatting ideas with me c:
  10. strawberrycelia

    Realistic or Modern Coldwater: A Supernatural Horror Western (Interest check)

    Sure! I'm willing to go with whatever suits you best, I think having a place for the working gals would be quite cool. I was thinking kind of a quite dramatic and cheeky younger man who's actually a runaway from a shitty home life, so maybe she ended up giving him a job after that? If we went...
  11. strawberrycelia

    Multiple Settings Once Upon Our Time

    Yay! Thanks! She's gonna be a very tall big lady methinks.
  12. strawberrycelia

    Realistic or Modern Coldwater: A Supernatural Horror Western (Interest check)

    This sounds pretty interesting! Quick question: What do you think of a tavernkeeper type character? I think a well-connected charismatic bartender might be an interesting addition to the crew c:
  13. strawberrycelia

    Multiple Settings Once Upon Our Time

    This sounds interesting! I am thinking a lady-Beast character from beauty and the beast would be quite cool - would that be allowed? If not then I could surely think of something else.
  14. strawberrycelia

    Realistic or Modern I N T O ❅ T H E ❅ F R A Y

    This sounds extreeemely cool - are you still taking players? I have some ideas for a character already !
  15. strawberrycelia

    RULES OF NATURE - Cyberpunk Espionage Action

    I'm interested!
  16. strawberrycelia

    Futuristic Hopepunk Heist RP using FATE CORE: Starts in January

    I would totally be interested!
  17. strawberrycelia

    Let's Try This Out, Shall We? (D&D 5E)

    As someone who loves Dnd, this sounds sooo cooollll. I've not been able to find a group to do a campaing with in college, so I love the idea of this. If there's room I'd be so excited to join. What I can call you: Celia is fine! Your Experience with D&D 5e: I think I'm decently experienced...
  18. strawberrycelia

    Fantasy Dark magical girl rp (better name pending)

    This sounds potentially very cool! I'd love to play a morally grey magical girl, maybe based off of a yokai. I'm extremely excited to see what others come up with as well c: