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  1. Squidiot

    Chitchat Has anyone ever had a blatant feeling of Deja vu?

    Absolutely! I don't have any set pattern to how often I get Deja Vu or anything but it's certainly come up more than once. The strange thing for me is it's always just mundane or seemingly pointless things. For example, just the other day I was mid-conversation with a co-worker and in a flash...
  2. Squidiot

    Chitchat Home Cooking ideas

    You'll probably nail it and have something far better than my laziness awards me. Hope you enjoy and good luck!
  3. Squidiot

    Chitchat Home Cooking ideas

    Admittedly it's more of a cake than bread but I've always heard it called it pumpkin bread anyway, haha. Anyway: 1 box spice cake mix - I'm sure you can make this from scratch & it's likely even better but I'm lazy and never do. 14 ounce can of Pumpkin Puree 1-2 cups of chocolate chips...
  4. Squidiot

    Chitchat Home Cooking ideas

    Would you say you're looking for meal ideas or snacks? I know you mentioned having some spare chocolate chips. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is a favorite treat of mine around this time of year.