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  1. SilverRose

    Fantasy  The Elements Clans

    Pretty much it is about the 4 Elements and basically just a romance between two opposite ones (most preferably fire and water) and I would love this. Please let me know and we can flesh out the world together!
  2. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Cute Romance

    Hi I love romance as you can probably tell and I love romance of almost all things. From fantasy to real life I have some plot ideas that we will plan out if you decide to be with my but I'll give you the ideas. Pregnant woman and friendly stranger - I really want to do this idea I would be the...
  3. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Romance stories

    I just want a few new partners for romance stories I will do almost anything as long as it is romance from highschool sweethearts to stockholm syndrome (I actually love that one) so just message me or post under here bye bye.
  4. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Romeo and Juliet

    Pretty simple concept it's a romeo and juliet story two people who can not love try to find a way. It can be any time period and even have fantasy aspects to it! I just want romeo and juliet lol (I'm a female and will only play female)
  5. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Let's Have Fun

    Hi so I love to roleplay anything! (As long as there is at least a little romance somewhere it can even be far down the road) So I want to know what your roleplay ideas are.if you have an idea and no one has ever taken interest let me hear it I want to know. Only thing is I don't do canon stuff
  6. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  The masked

    It's the 1700s and a masquerade ball was to be held. It was for nobles and peasants alike. M/C was a young peasants girl with a birthmark that covers a little over half her face. So a little more than half her face is red. Y/C is a young noble man whom was a very kind man for his age. M/C wore...
  7. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Brand New Prisoner In Jail

    So this concept is pretty simple. If you've watched Nanbaka you understand the concept of how women would be seen. If not imagine teenage boys in a high scale prison where they like it but are very starved for female contact. They love to look at anything related to girl like clothes and tv...
  8. SilverRose

    Fantasy  Mermaid X Pirate

    Let's cut to the chase (I'm not good at coding anyways) I'm interested in a roleplay between a mermaid and a pirate. I need a pirate you can be male or female but I would prefer male since I imagine this being in like the 1700-1800. Anyways I have more ideas but don't want to make this post...
  9. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  You're not supposed to be here!

    Welcome to the City of Martana Basically my idea for this one is a simple one so far but I love story building and making every story custom. So yeah it's just a rough outline. Again welcome to Martana a kingdom set about 1700s in Europe M/C the princess of the land has grown bored of her life...
  10. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  A moment of your time sir? (Please look!)

    Muse B is a wealthy young man (around 17-22)(knight or prince). He lives his life in luxury never having a worry in the world. The kingdom is pretty wealthy but of course there are people in poverty. That is the reality for Muse A. She lives on the streets and has to beg for food. Though begging...
  11. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Quick! I need people

    Hi there I'm not going to bore you too much also I don't know how to make these fancy. I just want to get right to the point. I love roleplay of all kinds (not fandoms though). I must have romance in a roleplay. I don't have many triggers (rape and beastiality is like it). I love suspens in the...
  12. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  ROLEPLAY!!!!! Real Life Horror Movie

    Welcome so basically this will be a real life horror movie (with romance thrown in maybe that's optional). Basically it will be our two characters trying to survive a killer. It can be any killer we want but I would prefer to make one up instead of using a fandom one. Please message me!!!!
  13. SilverRose

    Fantasy  Story Children charcater sheet

    Here it is
  14. SilverRose

    Fantasy  Children of Stories

    Pretty much this idea came from @Alice_in_Zombieland_Fan and the idea is everyone is children of fairy tale/ disney pixar characters. It's whatever couple you want but the two couple parents already taken are. Red riding hood and the big bad wolf And Mulan and Shang Any other parents are...
  15. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  I'm odd

    Hi not too much to this intro just know I am like always available and always willing to roleplay with people! I like to think I'm fun and friendly so yeah! So here are my story ideas My preferred character's are the left ones College Student X Young Professor Need X Rebel Orphan X...
  16. SilverRose

    Fantasy  Vampire X Human (1700s England)

    I don't have many rules so umm I don't know what to put on this lol But as the title says I'm looking for a vampire and human romance set in 1700 England I will devolp the rest of the plot with you!
  17. SilverRose

    Fantasy  Welcome to the Expirement

    In the teens lives has always been a lot of strife. No one seemed to want them and they were unloved by their caregiver. The woman who owned the orphanage always suggested to people that they should adopt a teen but no one ever wants them they just want the babies. But one faithful day all the...
  18. SilverRose

    Fantasy  Welcome to the Character Sheet

    Hi this is people from the roleplay Welcome to The Expirement will post their character sheets
  19. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  Online dating (1x1 role-play)

    There seems to be no one who understands Y/C besides a video game girl bit she's only programed to be this way but one morning your character wakes up to my character the video game girl being in the real world and fully believing the two of you are in a relationship I don't have everything...
  20. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  She is an Absolute Doll

    ~Rules~ Hi there! I love discussing ideas with people so the plot is a bit weary but let's get into this This is a Romance rp I don't care about age My character is female You can be a male or female (male preference though) Please DM me or post on here either is fine Annnddddd finally! Y.C...