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  1. Profitis

    Fandom  Looking for Partners for A Madoka Magica-esque Roleplay With OC's? (Semi-Lit/Semi-Descriptive)

    Hey there, I'm looking for someone who could do something with a Madoka Magica type universe where girls make wishes to Kyube and whatnot. I'm not that picky with my partners as long as it is semi-descriptive and we all have fun ^^; Please roleplay with me :)!!
  2. Profitis

    Fandom  🔮Looking for BNHA Roleplay partners!!🔮

    Hello there! I'm looking for roleplay partners who will roleplay My Hero Academia (BNHA) with me! I'm not too picky with my partners besides the few requirements that will be down below! <3 No one-liners (i.e one sentence) Of course I'll be lenient with this because sometimes its hard to come...
  3. Profitis

    Fandom  Looking for BNHA (My Hero Academia) roleplayers ùwú!!

    Hi there, I'm looking for a mid-long term partner who'll roleplay BNHA (My Hero Academia) with me! I don't have many requirements other then the ones stated below. No one-liners. Semi-descriptive Don't abandon without stating why OC's would be preferred.
  4. Profitis

    Fandom  Looking for an AOT partner (Semi-Lit)

    Hi there, I'm looking for a long term partner to roleplay the anime Attack on Titan. I ask to not do one liners, and be fairly descriptive. Of course I'm okay with the occasional short responses, especially if I'm slacking off. 😓 We can discuss some starters, plot, and what characters we would...
  5. Profitis

    Hi there!

    Hi there, I'm Profitis, or also known as Penny. I enjoy roleplaying. Before Google+ shut down I primarily roleplayed there, but now I do so in other places. I really hope that I get to meet plenty of wonderful people <3!! I forgot to mention what I roleplay! I roleplay the following: AOT Tokyo...