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  1. Game of Chance

    Fandom  A Constant Battle of Hope and Despair

    Alright, so, I've looked for this kind of thing before, but I've never really gotten anything to get off the ground with it (and I'm sure many of you have been in the same boat). But, hey, before I cut to the chase of what exactly I'm looking for, let's talk compatibility, yeah? So, we'll keep...
  2. Game of Chance

    Fandom  Just a couple fandoms!

    Hi there! I’m Chance. And this is going to be a fandom search for two particular fandoms! One of which I got dragged into while exploring this site, and one that I dragged myself into (happily, might I add). But before we get into those fandoms, there’s a couple of things to go over. You know...
  3. Game of Chance

    Fandom  We’re Going to Take Your Heart. (Canon x Canon)

    'Sup, y'all. I decided to revamp this old search of mine because I don't think I'll ever not want something involving P5. I just love it to death. Anyway, if I don't stop myself here, I'm going to ramble for about seventeen more paragraphs. So, without any further nerd talk on my end, let's get...
  4. Game of Chance

    Fantasy  We’re Going to have an Adventure!

    Hi there! First and foremost: let me apologize for the lack of beauty in this post. I’m currently on my phone, and honestly I’m not the most stylish person in the world, anyway (not here, at least. In real life I’m a model). Anyway! I’m here with various characters, most of which/ALL of which...
  5. Game of Chance

    Fandom  RWBY?

    Look- I know it's not the most searched for anymore. Especially where I happen to be in the series (which is, to say, early). But I have a habit of joining fandoms STUPID late and then immediately working myself into an RP craving frenzy. But- let's see. Important stuff. I'm 18, I would prefer...
  6. Game of Chance

    Multiple Settings  Hey! Just putting a line out! Always open!

    Hi there! I’m Chance! Or Game. Or Game of Chance (GoC?). I made that joke in my introduction, but luckily, comedy comes in threes. Anyway! I’m here searching for various partners to RP with! I prefer lit. style RPs without too much preference on length, so long as you give me something to work...