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  1. Axe2029

    Fandom  Just a idea i hope gets attention XD (valkyria chronicles)

    Alright. So. This is a idea sorts nothing really is set in stone so i thought ide try to find people here whom might be intrested in doing something like this Course this is a fandom rp i am hopeing to start with a few people more if intrested whom do know this is Fandom being valkyria...
  2. Axe2029

    Fandom  Kinda looking and hopefully will find someone

    So. Allow me to begin with this is abit of a strange rp request and i have low expectations that someone or the right person will stumble on this post. But screw it might as well give it a shot So what i am looking for in my partner is the potential to be a GM/DM not for a group but for a one...
  3. Axe2029

    Multiple Settings  Randomly in search for peeps

    So i aint used to the whole format in making a post here so iam doin this hap hazard style. Down to the skinny of it iam looking for 1 or 2 hell maybe even three (if this gets traction) to start a lil rp group a small band if misfits of a sort. But somethings ide like to point out. Numero uno...
  4. Axe2029

    Howdy ho!

    Hello! I just joined this site 2 days ago. I think XD. Only now am i getting to my introduction due to a cursed thing called social anxeity soo i kinda had to build up confidence to type this. All i can say aboot ma self is that iam wacky very kind and i love rping! I can come up with a plot on...