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  1. h o p e l e s s

    Realistic or Modern  Detailed Clichès anyone¿

    Hello all! I'm a newbie here, aged sixteen from England. My name is Skye and it is a pleasure to meet you. Sadly my profile photo is not me and I do not intend to catfish (love that show!) anyone with that photo. Credit goes to the beautiful female posing for it. I have just finished secondary...
  2. h o p e l e s s

    Not just an ugly face

    Legit have no idea what to say on here to introduce myself but... Heya! I'm Skye from England, aged sixteen and I enjoy many different RP plots. This website looks pretty rad and with just downloading the app, I hope I can find fellow cliché lovers. Nice to meet cha' all lil' chicks. x