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  1. Miravalle

    I Never Introduced Myself

    Well, I've been here for a while and I never introduced myself. You can call me Leila or Miravalle. My favorite roleplay genres romance, fantasy, science fiction and a bit of steampunk (if it's considered a genre). I'm not actually too experienced, so I guess I'm a novice? Well, that's all I can...
  2. Miravalle


    Hello everyone, my name is Leslie but you're welcomed to call me Miravalle, or anything else you can come up with! I'm not exactly new here, but for some reason my account was somehow 'restarted', so now I'm forced to re-introduce myself once again. But anyways, it's great to be back!
  3. Miravalle

    We're Gypsies -Open-

    We're Gypsies Character Sign Up You are a gypsy, but not like the others. You're not human, you're different. We are different sides, the good and the bad. What if we collide? Love, hatred, jealousy and adventures all in one. Form: Name: Age: (15-20) Gender: Looks: Species...