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  1. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings The Loop | 80s High School Sci-fi | Open

    I was mulling about it overnight and I have decided to withdraw my interest. It seems like it is going to be more complex of a storyline than I would be comfortable with. Sorry.
  2. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings The Loop | 80s High School Sci-fi | Open

    I've enjoyed Stranger Things and that was the first thing I saw when I ready the plot idea. Sounds interesting. My eyes keep looking at the role of the Jock. I'm not one in real life, but that's the awesome power of the role play.
  3. Pokeking

    Realistic or Modern Furry Based Roomates RP(Always open!)

    I'm not sure if I am capable of posts that are at least 500 words every time, but I'm not the type to post a single paragraph and call it a day. Regardless, the story sounds interesting and I do have a few anthros in my roster of OCs. Some are more developed than others and there are a few...
  4. Pokeking

    Realistic or Modern Haunted by the Past - An RP About Villains

    Thank you Hypnos for the reply by PM. I'm going to get started on the two character sheets. I've never done face claims, but I do understand what is needed. I have just the faces in mind. I've seen Discord mentioned here. What is it and do I need it to participate?