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  1. Aristotlecoyote

    Fandom BNHA: Vigilantes!

    Im interested if theres room.
  2. Aristotlecoyote

    Fantasy Blight of Eileynn: Wings of Valor INTEREST CHECK ***closed***

    *tucks my limbs under my body like a cat.* im interested but im at work so give me a hot moment for an app
  3. Aristotlecoyote

    Multiple Settings << hello lover [synth's search is OPEN]

    I have an idea for a robot/engineer story that would be fun to hash out if you want? I like post apocalyptic things two maybe we can throw them together!
  4. Aristotlecoyote

    Experiences what's the weirdest thing you've ever been asked to roleplay?

    I dont know. Most of my weird rps have been aus where like the characters are suddenly like pets and also mythical creatures and shit just goes down.
  5. Aristotlecoyote

    Realism Lost

    In a world where celebrities are actually bards, warriors, socercers, and monsters based around the characters they once played. GENE WILDER needs your help to save his candy forest. Visit the DICK VAN DYKE'S Candy store and Inn. Fight the all knowing Powerhouse that is TIM BURTON and his...
  6. Aristotlecoyote

    Futuristic  Make em like you (android/engineer rp)

    I have an idea of an engeneer building an android and falling in love with his creation. Interested? MxM pairing I am 22 please also be over 18. Message for more!
  7. Aristotlecoyote

    Fandom TWRP RP

    Please i want to rp commander meouch and sung holding hands. Pleaaaseeeee
  8. Aristotlecoyote

    Fandom Cool rp partner cool with rpf

  9. Aristotlecoyote

    Fandom TWRP RP

  10. Aristotlecoyote

    Fandom  TWRP RP

    Looking for someone to roleplay the characters from the band Tupperware Remix Party. I would prefer to play Sung or Meouch M/M shipping will happen. The boys gotta hold hands Please be 18+ i am 22. I would love to do something long term. Maybe some aus?
  11. Aristotlecoyote

    Fandom Looking for a Roleplay Partner

    I am down for some game grumps rp. Would you be interested??
  12. Aristotlecoyote

    Fandom  Cool rp partner cool with rpf

    Im looking for someone down to rp game grumps. Please i need.... i need to rp my boys. Fun things like demons and angels. Android au. Maybe a no grumps au to see what would happen. Im mostly in the fanfic world so im not expecting much and im new to forum rp. Cant wait to meet you :3
  13. Aristotlecoyote

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello I am ari. I have been rping for about 5 years. I mostly rp on discord and tumblr. I am open to alot and cant wait to jump in