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  1. Steel Tiger

    Rashaz Zal Rokule (Razel)

    Name: Rashaz Zal Rokule (Razel) Gender: Male  Age: 19  Species: Reptilian-  Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink  (Basically an anthropoid lizard to be put simple) Appearance (Optional): In terms of similar lizard appearance the red eyed crocodile skink is what Razel appears closest too. Skin...
  2. Steel Tiger

    MMO Roleplay

    Hello there! I am sort of working on a roleplay concept that I have been somewhat interested in and looking around at for the past few months and MMORPG like roleplay sort of anyways. The roleplay and plot itself will likely deviate from the RPG element later in according to a sort of plot...
  3. Steel Tiger

    Conversation Stopper

    I have been trying to use the conversation feature for the past few days. It works fine for the first post, and for a reply coming from the other participant in the conversation. Although, the issue is after that when trying to reply back to the other participant the replies do not send. Upon...
  4. Steel Tiger

    When Hell Freezes Over

    Hey, this is more or less for a project I want to get off the ground and get more advice about. It was and somewhat is still my first attempt for a group roleplay. This is of course not for recruitment, but I want some advise if there's anything I should add, or change, maybe even personal...
  5. Steel Tiger

    Realistic or Modern  When Hell Freezes Over

    The skies had long began to darken to a dark shade of grey. Despite it being toward the beginning of the early noon the suburbs of one of Dosil’s towns, Tosavey was dark as night. The air around had seemed to bring a sour like taste and scent along with it. Many were gone or still in their...
  6. Steel Tiger

    Realistic or Modern  When Hell Freezes Over

    *Asterisks are optional Name: (Nickname in parenthesis if you want) Age: Gender: (Biological Sex in parenthesis if different than gender) Birthday: Past occupation: Talents and Skills: (Things this characters may be particularly good at such as writing, maybe being obvervant as a...
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    Realistic or Modern  When Hell Freezes Over

  8. Steel Tiger

    Realistic or Modern  When Hell Freezes Over

  9. Steel Tiger

    Realistic or Modern  When Hell Freezes Over (Currently Not Accepting)

    A country is left barren and in ruins after a destructive war. Many are left to survive and scavenge among the snow covered lands and ruins. Surviving day to day or living in some of the scattered 'strong holds' through out the lands. A few report odd creatures and people among the snow, and...
  10. Steel Tiger

    Fantasy  Sylan Dynasty Rebirth! [Closed]

  11. Steel Tiger

    Sylan Dynasty

    Prince Shinobu had finally arrived in the country of Carine. It seemed like such a miserable place to him mostly because it was currently raining in large abundance. If it was not for the fact that an umbrella had been supplied to him for the trip he would have been horribly drenched and soaked...
  12. Steel Tiger

    One x One  Character List Maybe?

    @Thane Korino, please edit this post to include the character/sign-up information.
  13. Steel Tiger

    One x One  Chatting and Brainstormin'

    Hello there and welcome to the thread. For major plot ideas or talking about stuff in the story we will likely use this out of character section from here on. Also do not forget to watch the thread if you have not yet, anything else on your mind?
  14. Steel Tiger

    Start it Up or Not at all?

    Well put simply this is a question to see whether or not people would think it would be a good idea for me to try and set up a dice roleplay. In truth, I am what some would a 'noob' to such since I've only played about one 'official' session or so myself. I have a few ideas of what to possibly...
  15. Steel Tiger

    One x One  001- Mystical Enigma (Closed)

    Name: Remus ‘Fang’ Mark Nyx Gender: Male Race (Human, Werewolf, Vamp, etc. ): Werewolf Age: Nineteen Occupation: Librarian Height: 6’0” (6’4”) Weight: 169 Pounds (175) Appearance: (Sorry I was lazy on this)...
  16. Steel Tiger

    Introduction- Thane Korino

    Hello there, as you likely know I am a new member here. Honestly, I do not think there was ever a time I knew exactly what to say when introducing myself. So, I guess it is best to start with my hobbies and what brought me here. Well, I have a handful of hobbies including reading, gaming...