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  1. CaptainMarvelous

    Realistic or Modern  Reuniting Lovers (Closed)

    Two high school lovers were separated after going their separate ways to college. One of them has moved on and started a family, while the other has never forgotten the woman he was in love with. When the man returns to his hometown to take care of an ailing family member, the two are reunited...
  2. CaptainMarvelous

    Multiple Settings  Marvelous Cravings

    Hey all! Captain Marvelous here, I decided to create a more specific thread for my current cravings besides just my general thread. I'm gonna keep this one real simple. What I would like in a partner: Be able to write a decent amount. I don't expect multiple paragraphs if that isn't your style...
  3. CaptainMarvelous

    Multiple Settings  Reporting for Duty!

    Hey all, Captain Marvelous here reporting for duty. Since we're all being cooped up in self-quarantine I thought I'd get back into rping on here to keep myself busy. far fa-angle-right I'm available pretty much every day, though I am still taking college classes so if I do not respond...
  4. CaptainMarvelous

    Multiple Settings  Looking for partner

    Hey, all! I'm looking for some partners to get a long-lasting rp going! It would also be nice to make some friends, so if you'd like to chat about something I've listed down below that would be cool too :) For those interested, I'm in EST, but I don't mind being in different time zones...
  5. CaptainMarvelous

    Hey there

    I've been on this website before, but it's been a while. Decided to try getting back into rping so made a new account and now I'm here.