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  1. dangogoat

    Fandom  Fandom Double search. BNHA

    I’m looking for someone who’s also over 18 like I am who would like to role-play and double the fallowing fandoms. I, myself and looking for OCxCanon or OCxOC but can do CanonxCanon for your side if you’d like! M//, F// and MxF pairings. Romantic or a platonic and I am also willing to play...
  2. dangogoat

    Fantasy  The Tale of Two Lords (DND inspired search)

    Currently playing a game of 5th edition DND and had been inspired to go adventuring and plotting to world build our characters into becoming Lords ((or lady)) of the rhealm. Any race and any class as this is a high fantasy RP -I prefer roleplaying with adults that are 18 and older. -I adore any...
  3. dangogoat

    Fandom  BNHA OC x Canon Double

    Never really posted about this before but always searching up for a good Bnha double. I love meeting people’s OC and I am very versatile in playing characters, male and female! Will play as anyone for All Might/Toshinori I plan on using the canon storyline just with our characters’...