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  1. Seven07

    Experiences How worried are you about your RP writing quality?

    I always worry. But if I'm not too invested in a roleplay, or if I don't really enjoy the roleplay that much, I worry a bit less. HOWEVER, if I really like a roleplay I have going on and really want it to succeed, I worry non-stop, overthink things, spend ages thinking of the 'perfect' reply in...
  2. Seven07

    Experiences what's the weirdest thing you've ever been asked to roleplay?

    Someone who wanted to roleplay as a toddler with me as the mom. I (surprisingly) did give it a shot, but it was mainly just them making "goo-gah" noises the entire time and me scratching my head... LOL. I called things off once they started asking me to change their diapers after they 'went'...
  3. Seven07

    Viewpoint What you cannot stand in characters?

    Honestly, I'm pretty lenient and tolerant on characters. The only thing I can't stand is if someone tries to make their character the center of attention all the time, but I guess that falls more on the player than the actual character itself. It's one thing to have an attention-seeking...
  4. Seven07

    Other Obscure fandoms you'd like to RP

    Rabbit Doubt & Hakkenden I'd be amazed if anyone has ever even heard of those series though, lol!
  5. Seven07

    Advice/Help Quitting on someone during the plotting process?

    Thank you so much everyone for all the wonderful answers!! Reading all of these responses allowed me to work up the courage to tell them. I'll be honest with them and just hope for the best. I still feel really bad about it, but... :< I guess there really is no point if both of us won't enjoy...
  6. Seven07

    Advice/Help  Quitting on someone during the plotting process?

    So, I'm sure we're all familiar with ghosting, whether we've been ghosted or whether we've (intentionally or unintentionally) ghosted someone in a roleplay. But what about during the actual plotting process? I can't count how many times I agree to do a story with someone, but then once the...