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  1. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Elderwood~CS

  2. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Elderwood~OOC

    Ask questions or simply chat with each other.
  3. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Elderwood (All roles taken)

    Elderwood There’s a little town down the river, circled by an endless forest and protected by the fae. Those stories fill Elderwood’s folklore, although many people have lost faith in magic there still exist a few that know the truth behind those “tales”. The days of swords and magic have...
  4. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Witch Apprentice: Arc 1: Witch Staffs

    Witch Apprentice: Arc 1: The Witch Staffs It’s been two months since you became the apprentice of an infamous and powerful witch, despite society’s changes in magical laws they became attached to the old ways of magic and refused to join a coven as it would mean to forfeit their...
  5. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Witch Apprentice~CS

    (Image of your character) Full Name: Age: (Min. 18, Max. 26) Gender: Sexuality: Height: (In centimeters) Weight: (In Kilograms) Likes: (At least 3) Dislikes: (At least 2) Witch Staff: (Pick one of the available staffs) MP: 200 (The maximum amount of magical energy your character’s vile...
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    Realistic or Modern  Witch Apprentice~OOC

    Here we can chat and you can ask questions about the rp <3
  7. Neo Alice

    Fantasy  TKO~OOC

    Make questions or chat, either way welcome to TKO <3
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    Fantasy  TKO~CS

    Hello! Remember that the first 3 roleplayers to post their FULL COMPLETED CS (No WIPs nor Placeholders, they aren’t allowed) get the first spot in their respective Kingdom Royalty and their backgrounds most be related to the plot in the interest check thread. The other three royalty spots will...
  9. Neo Alice

    Fantasy  Three Kingdoms Online (A VRMMORPG Adventure!)

    Blood colored pixels dripped from your throat… your eyes began to shed tears as your body fell to the ground, your crown rolled on the floor as it fell from your head. Your vision blurred until complete darkness took place, suddenly purple polygons overflowed your eyesight until a small...
  10. Neo Alice

    Fandom  CS★Pokemon Ranger: Magical Styler

    Hello guys, i'm happy to see that my idea got enough support. Here you may post your character sheets, remember that you can make 2 rangers <3 I recommend you to use tabs and spoilers to keep it organized but avoid codes since i'm only on mobile. You'll be able to Megaevolve in any region...
  11. Neo Alice

    Fandom  Pokemon Ranger: Magical Styler

    “Dear Pokemon Ranger, you have been chosen because of your exceptional work and true love for pokemon to take part on an elite team of pokemon rangers. Please step outside of your house to be transported to our main base, maximum discretion is required.” That’s what the letter said and that’s...
  12. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  The Witch's Legacy: Salem Academy -IC

    @Tamriel @Kmbrly @CystalChompound @proiettile @Yuu Vee Rays @olive.tree @Kwasar @Kent @Lexonomicon @OrWangatan @Wandering Soul @pinnasina At the moment of the rescue students at Salem Academy were on vacation, with only 2 weeks remaining to enjoy until the next school year. Our rescued kids...
  13. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Lore of Salem Academy

    Important Words: I recommend you to read these even if you think that you already know what they’re supposed to be, I’ve given them new or specific meanings that are important to know.
  14. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Salem Academy CS

    Welcome to Salem Academy! Here you can submit your CS, please remember that you can make 4 characters but at least 1 of them must be a protagonist (A 15 years old teen, rescued by the witches from the compound). You can make more than one protagonist, even 4, I don’t have an issue with that, but...
  15. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Salem Academy

    Here you may ask any question you have or plot with your fellow players n.n
  16. Neo Alice

    Realistic or Modern  Salem Academy (Still Open, Claim your magic)

    Magic is real, you discovered this when your power manifested itself. At first you could not believe it, but after try and error you managed to understand the basics of it. You were special, the world was yours to conquer… and you tried to conquer it, well it’s not like you could actually do it...
  17. Neo Alice

    Fantasy  M.I.R.S. CS

    Please use the spoilers the same way I did, separating your characters and identities CS in different ones each, this way is more organized. This is not a multifandom RP so each of the players and identities must be OC’s
  18. Neo Alice

    Fantasy  Magical Identity Release System

    Well guys this is the first time I try to lead a RP on a forum, if you’re interested in this idea I have please leave a comment. I’m going to need minimum 4 people to start this. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.