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  1. ZombWie

    Knock on Wood, Season 1, Episode 1 - "The Crooked Lady of Cookeville, TN"

    It's about two am and the road is empty. Two men sit quietly in the cab of a tractor-trailer booking down Kansas State Route 9, just outside of Cawker City, KS. Big Joe is driving and Bert is looking distracted as he watches the white lines through the passenger window. Big Joe is about six and...
  2. ZombWie

    Knock on Wood, Pilot, Episode 0

    The sun is just coming up across a field of corn that wilts in the summer heat. The humidity hangs in whispy patches like white apparitions above the corn's tassels. A white and green Winnebago tears down a dirt access road swaying back and forth as it veers left and right avoiding the puddles...
  3. ZombWie

    [Closed] [MotW] Knock on Wood

    !!! UPDATE !!! We would like to add another Hunter to the team. Please add your character idea below. So far we have a Mundane, Monstrous, Expert and Spell Slinger. Some moves have been borrowed from other playbooks via level ups, but there are lots available. Feel free to use the additional...