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  1. Higuu

    Quest A Shapeless, Formless Mass

    perhaps a bit of investigation is called for? you wiggle around a bit, trying to figure out what exactly is happening with your new body. you feel a bit… bodyless, as though you've no shape or structure at all. the most similar animal you can remember to that description… well, the first to...
  2. Higuu

    Quest A Shapeless, Formless Mass

    [Ambient Music] you decide that you must have been a nature lover because of how familiar the grass feels. it's almost nostalgic. you're reminded of the scent of an oncoming storm, of pine needles and picking burrs off of your pants, of stopping to listen to the birds sing to each other. the...
  3. Higuu

    Quest A Shapeless, Formless Mass

    you decide to settle down and attempt to make sense of what, exactly, is happening to you. you can't remember much, but— what you assume happened yesterday is less foggy than the other memories. it had been a rather normal day. you woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, went to... to... ...
  4. Higuu

    Quest  A Shapeless, Formless Mass

    . . . . . . . . . awareness comes back to you slowly, at first, and then it hits you in the face like an errant pen that you had been twirling and accidentally thrown into your eye. maybe. maybe that metaphorical pen blinded you, because. you can't see. there is light and...
  5. Higuu

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! I hope that I'm in the right place for an intro! Just registered literal seconds ago and have been glancing around for a couple minutes... Y'all can call me Higuu! (There's a story behind the name but honestly it's a bit long-winded) or Higgy, or Hig, which seems to be rather common...