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    Fantasy  Living Legends

    Plot: Game where 9 heroes rose up against a great evil and defeated it and lost in history. They find themselves shuttled into the future, 700 years worth. Summoned by a desperate people as the world is dying. poll: World was sci fi into fantasy or fantasy to science fantasy? How to play: Pick...
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    Nation Building  Stellar Legions

    Well after a long wait. Decided to finally post this game. It is four games in one. Story game (players with votes affect plot.) strategy game ( ordering and shuffling troops/Units/fleets to do stuff.) Arms Race ( invent new gear, develop cool stuff, upgrade units or make new ones.) Lastly...
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    Fantasy  In Your Image

    On the 1800s of a parrallel Earth. There is a new sport being attended by the rich, the intelligent and the insane. Gathering natural creatures and commuting experiments in them. So they can use them in animal fights for cash and fame. Given the fact animal rights does not exist yet, well there...
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    Nation Building  Dragon's Legacy: Community builder where your a Dragon.

    Rules: 1: Be Civil 2: Have fun 3: If Player vs Player occurs, GM referees with dice rolls. 4: No worries of that in NPC fights. 5: The map will be detailed prescriptions. 6: Your Dragon can evolve/buff up/ gain things with time, rewards for game play and just doing enough stuff. 7: No...
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    Nation Building  Nation building/community strategy

    Strategy Games: 1: Stellar Legions: My tribute to War Hammer 40K and Star Wars. There are many of different plot lines to play. There are units too. The main deal is your the Imperial side trying to restore balance and unity to the galaxy, good or bad. The deal here is the...
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    Futuristic  Far From Home: Human Mercs in Space

    Ben a while since I have been here. Anyway on with plot. —- In the future, not to distant Aliens make open contact with the human race. They, are shocked with horror at how we humans are so capable of war. So well they consider the race too dangerous to go to space without supervision. Three...
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    Futuristic  Project Weapon

    It was a time of conflict. The USA in the Middle East went face to face againist Russia. On the third day the Heavens parted and a creature  appeared. It took two weeks to defeat the thing in its rampage. In after math the Black Market, US, and Russia got genetic info for study and called a...
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    Fantasy  Dungeon Punk trio

    Dungeon Punk: Fantasy plus high tech being inter mix. Magic is no secret. But fact of life. A world where guy maybe packing a wand of fire balls aside guns or swords. Below are three games in that theme. 1: Magnus Force: Here the players are cops/ agents. They regulate those with powers...
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    Nation Building  Kingdom

    Cue the world. Has a yellow sun like our Earth. But the world is much bigger, having ten continents. With floating land masses and other islands. Also random portals exist. Leading to unknown planes of reality. Lastly three Earthbsized Moons. One akin to Earth. Another barren with crystals, and...
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    Nation Building  Kingdom Interest check

    Hello all. I had a lot of business in real life. It's settled and just making sure people want to play Kingdom. The point of kingdom is to make up kingdoms with perks, flaws and govern them. Each player can have multiple kingdoms. There are three main stages, and basic rules. 1:. Have fun...
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    Colosseum  Fight Club

    : Roars so hard he shakes the heavens as he smashed down a stone throne and sits upon it.: It has been a while. Well gang I am voting for a fight club, but with special powers. No auto hitting, god mod, or crap like that. Not to death either but knock out/ tap out or just stop. Just really...
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    Below is my first short story. Not a happy piece of work. But here. Go By Brian Barfield:Chapter 1: Another DayThe day was without the Sun, due to all the damn clouds, as a one Jack Burrows woke up, in his tiny hotel room. Getting ready to start the day. As he was finishing up on basic...
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    Multiple Settings  Two Questing Rpgs

    1: First one is spin on Classic Jrpg. There is max of nine roles. Interested? Declare number, speak role and you decide their deeds and stuff. Plot is this group already saved the world in their teens. Now mid ages, local folk heroes, but life is still going. Never know. World may need saving...
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    Realistic or Modern  Writers Ball

    Had this rp in my head. It's a two for one deal where the players are writers and artists for a manga company. And their daily lives. The second half is rp ing out their work to life. So to speak. Within the rules of this place.
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    The Khanate of Rosetira

    Species Sheet Name: Transorganic Life Span: As long fueled and repaired, I definitive. But can die and be killed. Appearance: All transirganicd are basic at organic brains in artificial shells. Machine, organic or both. Their size and form changes cheaply. What counts is their brains...
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    Nation Building  Game poll

    Hello all. This is my first interest post. Hope I do it right. Below are the games. Onslaught: World war 2 game with a technology tree and fictional countries. Using real world map. Fictional and real tech here. Can have two or three sides. Max is twelve powers. Other factors to be decided...
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    Hello all

    This is my first post, yay! I have been roping since 1999 and just found this place. Curious about one thing. If you have more than one rp idea. Do you do all ideas in same topic or make different posts? I got five for nation building so far. And each one is different from the next.