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  1. BoredNeko

    Multiple Settings  Neko's Rp Search (Original and Fandom lists)

    ꕥ⊱╮ღ꧂ღ The real story is not the plot, Edit: 7/6: Added some more "rules" aka some likes and added in links to my ideas. Expanded on the Cravings too. Edit: 6/23: Added a Cravings list that is higher on the list than others. Hello all, Neko here again... yes I know I have a craving post up...
  2. BoredNeko

    Fandom  Searching For a Harry Potter Craving ( 1x1 and group)

    Hello I'm Neko, at least what I go by online aside from my character's name. And I'm looking for some rps, so this is going to be a fairly simple post as I'm only searching for a couple of them that are a certain type. A little about me; I'm in my early 30's (I don't keep track of my age...