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    Other  weird stuff you believed/did as a kid

    so, kids are weird. so here's a thread for talking about weird stuff we did or believed as a kid. feel free to post however many times you want, since i'm sure there's lots of stories to tell! so, for me; as a small kid, i used to believe aliens would try to eat my brain while i was asleep...
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    Digital  [ smile. ] »»—-» fabled's art dump

    welcome, welcome! i don't post a lot of art, but i still upload here every once in a while! i mostly do digital art and pixel art, though i'll sometimes upload traditional stuff. thanks for taking a look at my stuff! i really appreciate it. quite a bit of my stuff is old and i'm not a huge fan...
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    Resource  [ ampersand. ] »»—-» fabkin's codes

    just a little thing for me to test out coding and whatnot. i'm figuring stuff out and lots of these aren't going to be functional or nice-looking -- but feel free to use these if you want!
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    another newbie

    heya! my name's fabkin. i've been roleplaying for roughly six years now. been struggling with motivation for almost a year, so i thought branching out onto a new forum would help me out! i'm open to trying out most genres [can specify a bit more if you're curious], but please bear with me...