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  1. chiropterra

    Fandom  Feral Furlough

    "It's getting late, Is. We should leave." "Hey, it was you that spent an hour and a half at the bookstore, remember? I'm not leaving without a smoothie. Now, come on. Stop worrying so much!" Of the two mammals walking through the Bucksborough Mall that night, you might not assume that the...
  2. chiropterra

    Fandom  A Friend on Omega

    Khel Lyze had never been on Omega before. Up until recently, she'd never left Tuchanka - hadn't even left the shelter of her tiny clan. Her mother kept a short leash on her, trying to mold her into her own legacy. Now, her mother was gone. Now, she was her own krogan. And she couldn't be...
  3. chiropterra

    Multiple Settings  1x1 Search - always seeking!

    Hello! I'm always looking to roleplay, so even if you see a bunch of responses, feel free to post/message me! I'm new to RpN but I'm not new to RPing - I've been roleplaying since around 12 or so at least. I'm pretty friendly (a bit shy), and am willing to work with you more or less. The...